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Coastal environments

The NSW coastline is lined with scenic beaches that are ideal places to enjoy surfing, swimming and fishing. Besides the great sun, sand and surf, there's also plenty of interesting wildlife and marine animals to see in NSW's coastal environments.

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Across the NSW South Coast and North Coast, you’ll find beaches and estuaries teeming with interesting marine plants and marine animals. During migration season, enjoy whale watching as you witness humpback whales sailing past, join a dolphin watching tour by boat, or see if you can spot pelicans, white-bellied sea eagles and Australian fur seals from along the shoreline. 

The coastal saltmarsh and wetlands found around these coastal beaches support a wide variety of birdlife and other wildlife amongst their mangrove forests and sea grass meadows. Among the many colourful creatures you might spot are yabbies, rainbow fish, cormorants, and green tree frogs. 

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