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Rainforests and waterfalls

Stage 3 (Years 5-6), Geography, Katoomba area


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This Stage 3 (Years 5-6) Geography excursion explores the diverse features and characteristics of key landscape types within the park. We examine interactions between people and the environment, and which factors influence the management of this iconic place.

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In this immersive experience, students will visit a clifftop ecology and a rainforest system and use geographical tools to measure the features of both. We will also explore using our senses to absorb data about different environments.

Students will walk through a cold climate rainforest, visit beautiful waterfalls and dry sclerophyll forest  all within a short distance of each other.

We also spend time considering how humans impact this landscape  whether Indigenous caretakers, tourists or local community. How do different agencies work together to provide necessary services, while protecting this special place? What role is played by visitors, and those who call the Blue Mountains home? What is an interface between urban and wild nature and how do we manage this?

These questions and many more will be explored in this excursion.

For program outline, safety and practical information about this excursion, see info for teachers

Stage Stage 3 (Years 5-6)
Learning area Geography
Student outcomes

GE3-1. Describes the diverse features and characteristics of places and environments

GE3-2. Explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

GE3-3. Compares and contrasts influences on the management of places and environments

GE3-4. Acquires, processes and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry


Students will:

  • Explore the natural features and characteristics of a cool climate rainforest
  • Use geographical tools to observe and collect information about this area
  • Consider human impacts on natural places, and how they can be managed to protect special landscapes
  • Walk through beautiful contrasting environment types, and notice the differences between them
  • Learn about how NPWS and other agencies, manage the Blue Mountains area.

Excursion details


Monday to Friday during school term

Guided. Available on request.
2.5-3 hr
Medium. Round walking track is a 680m walk with steep stairs and a short descent and ascent. Furber Steps are an impressive extension and require additional physical effort. A return ascent on the Scenic Cableway takes the effort out of the spectacular return trip. Groups should come prepared for a guided bushwalk and activities on an uneven surface. We'll pause at lookouts to take in the geography of the area.

Prices start from $395 incl GST per group (up to 20 students).

Meeting point
Katoomba Falls Kiosk
If you would like to organise a NPWS school excursion please get in touch with local staff or use the 'Enquire' link for the online form.
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