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Greater Blue Mountains Area

The Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Property is 1 million hectares of national park and wilderness dominated by temperate eucalypt forest. The area supports exceptional biodiversity including a number of rare plants. It's also highly valued for its Aboriginal heritage and its outstanding geological features, such as 300m sandstone cliffs, slot canyons and waterfalls. Within easy reach of Sydney, visitors can take in the scenic views from lookouts or explore the wilderness via walking tracks or cycling trails.

View of Mount Solitary from Ruined Castle walking track, Blue Mountains National Park. Photo: Aine Gliddon &copy: DPIE
World Heritage Drive, Nattai National Park. Photo: John Spencer © DPIE

Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage parks

Greater Blue Mountains is a World Heritage-listed area of diverse landscapes filled with plants, wildlife, caves and rock formations in NSW national parks. It's full of cultural significance, with six Aboriginal groups having connection to the Country of the Area, as it's tied with Dreaming and rock art.

Greater Blue Mountains drive, Blue Mountains National Park. Photo: Hamilton Lund/Destination NSW

Greater Blue Mountains drive

Greater Blue Mountains Drive takes in the iconic scenery of the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Property. Explore Glenbrook, Wentworth Falls and Katoomba and beyond.

Free park entry.
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