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Wombeyan Caves dormitories

Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve

Affected by closures, check current alerts 

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All the practical information you need to know about Wombeyan Caves dormitories.

Getting there and parking

You can only access Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve via Taralga and Wombeyan Caves Road. To get there:

From Sydney via Goulburn (3hr drive):

  • Take the South Western Motorway to Goulburn
  • From Goulburn, follow Tablelands Way through Taralga
  • Take the Wombeyan Caves Road turnoff and drive for 23km (sealed and unsealed road).

From Sydney via Oberon (4hr drive):

  • Take the M4 and Great Western Highway towards Lithgow
  • Turn left onto Jenolan Caves Road, then after 23km turn right onto Duckmaloi Road
  • From Oberon, follow Tablelands Way
  • Take the Wombeyan Caves Road turnoff and drive for 23km (sealed and unsealed road).

From Canberra (2.5hr drive):

  • Take the Federal Highway to Goulburn, then take Goulburn-Taralga-Oberon Road towards Taralga for about 45km
  • Continue through Taralga for 10km until you reach the Wombeyan Caves turnoff
  • Turn right onto Wombeyan Caves Road and drive for 23km (sealed and unsealed road).

From Wollongong (3hr drive):

  • Take the Princes Highway towards Sydney
  • Turn off at the Picton Road exit and follow for around 27km, then take the Hume Highway towards Goulburn
  • From Goulburn, follow Tablelands Way through Taralga
  • Take the Wombeyan Caves Road turnoff and drive for 23km (sealed and unsealed road).

Wombeyan Caves Road access via Mittagong is closed until further notice.

Refuel your vehicle on the way, as there is no petrol station at Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve.

Road quality

  • Mixture of sealed and unsealed roads

Vehicle access

  • 2WD vehicles (no long vehicle access)


Parking is available for 1 vehicle per room is available in front of dormitories. Limited additional parking is available near the general camping area.

Best times to visit

There are lots of great things waiting for you in Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve. Here are some of the highlights.


Visit now and you'll see the gorgeous changing colours of the trees. The warm days and cool nights make this an ideaI time for camping.


While the caves can be visited all year round, a trip to Wombeyan in spring is well timed to catch wildflowers in full bloom.


A great time for a weekend camping trip - pitch your tent, enjoy breakfast cooked on the barbecue and the coolness of the caves on a guided tour.


Take advantage of the cooler weather and book a weekend getaway at Wombeyan Caves cabins.

Weather, temperature and rainfall

Summer temperature


13°C and 26°C

Highest recorded


Winter temperature


1°C and 11°C

Lowest recorded



Wettest month


Driest month


The area’s highest recorded rainfall in one day



  • There are 6 bunkrooms and 2 guest rooms in the dormitories
  • Dormitory bunkrooms: 4 single bunk beds (each sleeps 8)
  • Dormitory guest rooms: 1 double bed (each sleeps 2)
  • The dormitories are split into north and south with a central courtyard. There is a central guest room with interconnecting doors to 3 bunkrooms in each end.
  • When booking rooms together, interconnecting doors to the guest rooms will be unlocked. There are no doors between the bunkrooms.
  • There are no bathroom or kitchen facilities in the dormitories, so guests must use the facilities in Wombeyan Caves campground. The camp kitchen and dining hall is about 100m from the dormitories.
  • There is an amenities block with hot showers and flush toilets about 20m from the dormitories. During off peak seasons this amenities block may be closed to campers, but an access code will be provided to dormitory guests.
  • Please ensure you leave the dormitories and any shared campground facilities clean and tidy.

Drinking water

Drinking water is available throughout the campground and camp kitchen.

Public phone

There is a public phone available next to the onsite office. The phone accepts both coins and phone cards.

Electric power

Mains power is supplied to the dormitories as well as all campground amenities.


All rooms have heating.

Maps and downloads

Safety messages

Mobile safety

Dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Download the Emergency Plus app before you visit, it helps emergency services locate you using your smartphone's GPS. Please note there is limited mobile phone reception in this park and you’ll need mobile reception to call Triple Zero (000).


Disability access level - medium

There are no bathroom or kitchen facilities in the dormitories so guests must use the campground amenities. The campground is flat, however access to the camp kitchen and dining hall is slightly elevated and uneven.

A locked wheelchair accessible toilet and shower room is located in the campervan/caravan area’s amenities block, near the unmarked general camping area. Please enquire at the onsite office for access.



Please be considerate of your fellow campers if you're operating a generator. Please note that use is limited to between 8am to 10pm.


Noise limits apply from 10pm. Park Management reserves the right to insist that offensive or excessively loud music is turned off at any time if it's causing distress to other visitors.

Camp fires and solid fuel burners

Fires are not permitted in the dormitory area. Shared fire rings are provided in the campground. The construction of stone rings for fire places is prohibited.


Flying a drone for recreational purposes is prohibited in this area. Drones may affect public enjoyment, safety and privacy, interfere with park operations, or pose a threat to wildlife. See the Drones in Parks policy.

This area may be a declared Drone Exclusion Zone, or may be subject to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules for flying near airports, aerodromes and helicopter landing sites. See CASA's Drone Flyer Rules.

Commercial filming and photography

Commercial filming or photography is prohibited without prior consent. You must apply for permission and contact the local office.

Gathering firewood

Firewood may not be collected from the park, so you’ll need to bring your own supply.


Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dog walking and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

Wombeyan Caves dormitories

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