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Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park

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What we're doing

Park management activities

Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park has management strategies in place to protect and conserve the values of this park. Visit the detailed park and fire management documents.

Understanding landscapes and geology

We’re working to ensure the expansive outback landscapes and ephemeral wetland of Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park are protected and preserved. Expert assessments are underway, which will result in the sustainable management and maintenance of the park’s natural and cultural assets.

Statement of management intent

Preserving biodiversity

This park is a refuge for numerous threatened species and a haven for water birds during drought. The Bulloo floodplain is identified as an Important Bird Area, and the Bulloo Overflow/Caryapundy Swamp as a nationally important wetland. Combined, they cover 66 per cent of the park and are critical breeding grounds for many migratory, vulnerable, threatened and endangered species. Conservation work includes monitoring, data collection and pest control.

Developing visitor facilities and experiences

It’s important that you have the most rewarding experience when visiting Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park. We’re developing a campground, a lookout, a loop drive and bird hides to allow you to see the best the park has to offer.

Managing weeds, pests and animals

The varied ecosystems of Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park are significantly impacted by pests and weeds. We do risk assessments for new and emerging weeds, and fox and wild dog control operations to protect biodiversity in this park. Ongoing pig management programs benefit bird breeding.

Preserving historic heritage

Raising public awareness of the park’s history and cultural significance is a priority for us and interpretive and educational events are ongoing. We maintain historic structures, conduct conservation assessments and survey the heritage assets within the park.

Managing fire

We’re committed to maintaining natural and cultural heritage values and minimising the likelihood and impact of bushfires. We do this through a strategic program of fire research, fire planning, hazard reduction, highly trained rapid response firefighting crews and community alerts.

Park fire management strategy


  • in the Outback NSW region
  • Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather, road closures or fire danger.
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