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Boginderra Hills Nature Reserve

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Boginderra Hills Nature Reserve was created in November 1982. It covers an area of 799ha. View the detailed park and fire management documents.

This reserve provides a habitat for an interesting variety of fauna. There a many species of birds present within the reserve including the turquoise parrot, seven raptors, nine members of the parrot family and water birds are regular visitors to farm dams situated outside the reserve. The eastern grey kangaroo has also been sited within the here.

The vegetation of Boginderra Hills Nature Reserve is of special interest due to the influence of its granite soils. Forests are generally dry eucalypt interspersed with cypress pine, and there are a wide variety of acacias with a regular distribution of kurrajongs.

These maps give a basic overview of park attractions and facilities, and may not be detailed enough for some activities. We recommend that you buy a topographic map before you go exploring.