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Lane Cove National Park bushcare

Lane Cove National Park


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In Lane Cove National Park, you’ll find a bush regeneration group working somewhere in the park just about every day of the year. Become a volunteer and get actively involved in conserving the biodiversity of this significant tract of Sydney bushland. Meet new people and enjoy the extra exercise in the great outdoors.

Bush regeneration, weed and pest management

Each group decides how often they volunteer. Most bushcare groups volunteer onsite from 9am–1pm, although there are some afternoon groups.

Lane Cove National Park
No wheelchair access
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Email or phone a Lane Cove National Park bushcare coordinator on 02 8448 0421.

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Join in some volunteer work for bush regeneration at Lane Cove National Park, near Chatswood, and become part of a bushcare effort that’s been running since the early 1990s. Activities include weeding, plant propagation and tree planting, with all training and tools provided.

Lane Cove bushcare groups have helped to reduce the impact of invasive weeds choking our Australian native plants. But weeds still thrive in many areas and threaten to overcome new native growth. By taking part in this volunteer work, you can help reduce the impact of weeds that threaten the survival of Australian native plants and animals that rely on these plants for habitat.

Bushcare at Lane Cove is not just personally rewarding as you see what a difference your group can make to regenerating the native bushland. It’s also a great way to get outdoors and meet new, like-minded people. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and bring along some insect repellent when you volunteer.

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Fiddens Wharf walking track, Lane Cove National Park. Photo: John Spencer