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Lake Ita picnic area

Kalyarr National Park

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Lake Ita picnic area is a great spot for lunch and birdwatching. Nestled beside Ita Lake in Kalyarr National Park, it’s ideal if you’re staying in Hay or on your way to Mungo or Yanga National Park.

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Set on the eastern shore of Ita Lake, you’ll find Lake Ita picnic area a secluded spot to relax and unwind. Enjoy a picnic lunch or barbecue, then take a walk around the lake and admire the peaceful surroundings and local wildlife. If you stay later in the day you can enjoy a spectacular sunset, as you sit back and soak up the view over the lake and the black box woodland around it.

Lake Ita picnic area is excellent for birdwatching. In wet years the lake fills with water and becomes a haven for water birds like black swans and red-necked avocets, as well as southern bell frogs. In dry years the lake transforms into a flat expanse of grass and saltbush, and you can see emus and red, eastern grey and western grey kangaroos roaming the area.

The picnic area is also an important cultural centre for the Nari Nari people. The site and the areas surrounding it have great cultural and historical significance for them

The best times to visit are autumn and spring. The weather is milder and the area comes alive with wildflowers, including billy buttons, paper daisies, colourful water ferns, native bluebells and speargrass. In spring, bright pink pig’s face flowers are particularly abundant.

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