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Ganyi lookout

Bouddi National Park

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Ganyi lookout is the smallest lookout in Bouddi National Park, near Gosford. It’s located along Bouddi coastal walk, about 2.1km from the Putty Beach starting point.

Positioned right on the edge of the walk, it’s the perfect spot to appreciate the raw beauty of this special place. From here, you can gaze out over the tranquil Smugglers Cove, a sheltered rocky inlet.

You’ll be treated to spectacular views along the rugged cliffs to the south. The surrounding bushland is particularly impressive in spring when the wildflower display is at its best.

Ganyi means ‘echidna’ in the local Aboriginal language. You might even bump into one of these curious native animals as it forages for ants and termites. Other animals you might encounter besides the many bird species are swamp wallabies, possums and antechinus, a small carnivorous native mammal.


  • Two walkers approaching an impressive lookout with ocean views on Bouddi coastal walk. Photo: Jared Lyons © DPE

    Bouddi coastal walk

    Located near Gosford, Bouddi coastal walk is known for its beaches, boardwalk and birdlife. Go whale watching, picnic or swim at Maitland Bay, or simply absorb the ocean views.

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