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Craigmoor House

Hill End Historic Site

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Step back in time at heritage Craigmoor House in Hill End Historic Site. Home to the Marshall family for nearly a century, this lovingly preserved building has fascinating tales to tell about life in a mining town during colonial times.

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28 Beyers Avenue, Hill End, NSW, 2850 - in Hill End Historic Site in Country NSW
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Craigmoor House is closed to the public, but you can take a virtual tour of this historic building.

Take a walk through Craigmoor House and see history come to life before your eyes. Once home to the Marshall family, the building has been preserved in its original condition and holds a wealth of stories about life in Hill End during the colonial era.

The house is closed to the public, but you can explore the rooms in-depth on a virtual tour. This interactive 360-degree experience allows you to swipe, zoom and click through each room to see how the Marshall family lived during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Take the time to appreciate the embellished gothic timberwork of the house, inspired by the Duke of Elgin’s hunting lodge in Scotland. Then immerse yourself in the Marshall's rich legacy as you head indoors.

During their time at Hill End, James and Sarah Marshall had 11 children, including 3 daughters, one of whom lived in Craigmoor House until her death in 1950. The keepsakes the Marshalls left behind reveal the resourceful, simple and aspirational way they lived, as well as the impact they had on this historic mining town.

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Explore Craigmoor House

  • The exterior of Craigmoor House in Hill End Historic Site. Photo: John Spencer © DPE

    Virtual tour of Craigmoor House

    Step back in time on a virtual tour of historic Craigmoor House in Hill End. Home to the Marshall family for a century, this heritage building has been lovingly preserved both inside and out, providing a glimpse of what life was like during colonial times.


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Conservation program:

Hill End Historic Site buildings conservation

A gold mining site since the 1850s, Hill End Historic Site is listed on the State Heritage Register for its cultural, scientific, and social value to generations of Australians. Located approximately 300km north-west of Sydney, Hill End is the focus of an ongoing conservation and adaptive re-use program to safeguard its valuable history.

Northeys Store, Hill End Historic Site. Photo: John Spencer

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