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Twister and Rocky Creek canyons

Wollemi National Park

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Twister and Rocky Creek canyons are in Wollemi National Park near Newnes. Fit, experienced canyoners can do these 2 canyons separately or combine them for a bigger challenge. Guides recommended.

No wheelchair access
Time suggested
Hard. Twister and Rocky Creek canyons require a moderate level of fitness and proficiency with ropes and other canyoning equipment.
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What to
Drinking water, canyoning equipment, helmet, wetsuit, topographic map, compass, gps, personal locator beacon, first aid kit, sturdy shoes, suitable clothing, snacks
Please note
  • Don't visit Twister and Rocky Creek canyons just before, during or after heavy rainfall or storms. Check park alerts before you go.
  • Only attempt Twister and Rocky Creek canyons with a competent guide.
  • Be sure to choose a Park Eco Pass operator. Only Parks Eco Pass holders are permitted to operate tours in Wollemi National Park.
  • You may encounter commercial tour groups.
  • NPWS does not manage, mark or clear canyon access routes. These routes cross natural bushland, cliffs and forest. You must research and be responsible for your own directions and entry and exit information.

Come prepared for jumps, down-climbs, slides, scrambles and swims when you do Twister and Rock Creek canyons. If tackling both canyons, plan for an 8-hour trip with a total walk in and out of 4km.

Twister Canyon, also known as Sheep Dip Canyon, is the smaller of the 2. Twister Canyon descends into Rocky Creek Canyon and is the starting point if you’re doing both canyons. If only doing Twister Canyon, plan for a 3-hour trip and a total walk in and out of 2km.

Twister Canyon features slides into cold pools and has many jumps that can also be down-climbed. After the last jump you’ll need to descend a 5m waterfall. Be sure to bring your own rope for a hand-over-hand descent of the waterfall. Don’t rely on others to leave a fixed line here.

Rocky Creek Canyon is long and deep. If you’re only doing Rocky Creek Canyon, plan for a 5-hour trip and total walk in and out of 3km. Rocky Creek Canyon features down-climbs, scrambles and swims, including a long swim near the end of the canyon.

Warm summer days are the best time to attempt these cold canyons because you’ll spend plenty of time in chilly water. Access to the canyons starts along the main fire trail from Galah Mountain and Rocky Creek carpark.

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