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NPWS Concession Pass conditions of use

Please read the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Concession Pass conditions of use before applying for your pass.

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Eligible Australian Pensioner or Veterans Card holders can apply for a 1-year NSW National Parks (NPWS) Concession Pass which gives you free motor vehicle entry into the 45 national parks that charge entry fees.


COVID-19 public health orders may place restrictions on an individual’s movements and the activities they can undertake in public spaces. Compliance with these orders may require the full or partial closures of some NSW national park locations.

Compliance may also result in changes to the availability of park attractions and permitted activities, including being unable to drive into a park or park area for extended periods.

When being issued an annual pass, you accept that due to public health orders and the COVID-19 pandemic generally:

a. There may be significant or prolonged restrictions on your ability to enter a park or undertake certain activities covered by your annual pass.

b. No refunds or extensions, including on a pro-rata basis will be offered due to any significant or prolonged restrictions on access or activities.

1. Vehicle type

This annual pass is only applicable for vehicles with up to eight (8) seats being used for private recreational visits. The pass is not valid for taxis, hire cars, rental cars, buses, mini-buses or motor vehicles being used for commercial purposes.

2. Valid for the nominated vehicle only

This annual pass can only be used for the nominated vehicle and for the duration as specified. This pass is not temporarily transferable to any other vehicles. 

3. Maintain communication details

You are required to maintain a contact phone number and a written contact method (email or post) for the duration of the annual pass validity period. You are required to maintain a unique (non-shared) email address in order to receive pass expiry reminder notifications, as well as perform online pass management and receive general pass change notifications. By not maintaining a unique email address, you accept that you will not receive pass expiry reminder notifications.

4. Transfer or change vehicle details for annual pass

Pass transfers and vehicle detail changes must meet specific criteria and are reviewed by NPWS. All pass transfer requests will incur a non-refundable administration fee. You may edit your name and contact details free of charge. To transfer or change your vehicle or personal details log on to the manage pass online portal or contact the NPWS Contact Centre on 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS) or via email

5. Pass validity

This annual pass is valid until the date provided on the confirmation letter or email and allows entry for the nominated vehicle to NSW parks and reserves as specified by the pass type. This does not include access to sites that charge a landing fee or to other fee-charging activities in parks such as camping, NPWS guided tours and museum entry.

6. Parks and reserves access and closures

Significant and prolonged restrictions on pass holders’ ability to enter parks and reserves due to a public health, fire, safety, conservation or operational requirement may be required. No refunds or extensions, or refunds or extension on a pro-rata basis will be granted.

7. Penalty infringement notice

Failure to comply with annual pass terms and conditions, pass validity period, use of a pass in an unallocated location or use of an expired pass will result in a penalty infringement notice or your annual pass being revoked.

8. Purchase of an annual pass is not refundable

Unused or unwanted annual passes will not be refunded.

9. Restricted areas

  • Sydney Harbour National Park – Chowder Bay Precinct This pass is not valid in areas managed by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. Please check all local signage to ensure your vehicle is in an eligible NPWS managed area. In NPWS managed areas, this pass is only valid for a maximum of four (4) hours per calendar day. Longer stays require the purchase of a separate pass at the on-site pay machines.
  • Cape Byron State Conservation Area – Cape Byron Lighthouse Precinct This pass is valid for a maximum one (1) hour per calendar day. Longer stays require the purchase of a separate pass at the on-site pay machines.
  • Worimi Conservation Lands require a specific access permit for motor vehicle entry and beach driving at Stockton Beach.
  • Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay is not included in this product and is managed jointly by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.
  • Three areas in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park have separate day vehicle entry fees. Halls Peak Campground, Riverside campground and Youdales campground
  • The Basin in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park and the islands in Sydney Harbour National Park both require a per person fee each visit.

Vehicle occupancy

The approved Concession Pass applicant must be travelling in the nominated vehicle for the Concession Pass to be valid. Misuse of the Concession Pass may result in its cancellation.

Registration details

The name or the address on the vehicle registration papers provided must match the applicant’s name or primary residential address.

Right to revoke

NPWS retains the right to revoke this NPWS Concession Pass at any time before its expiration date by writing to the holder at the email or postal address provided on your NPWS Concession Pass application.

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