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Learn more about NPWS Concession Pass

Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about NPWS Concession Pass eligibility and entitlements.

Who is eligible to apply for an NPWS Concession Pass

  • Australian Pensioner Concession Card holders
  • Holders of an Australian Veterans Gold DVA Card embossed with ‘EDA’ or ‘TPI’
  • Holders of an Australian Veterans Gold DVA Card without ‘EDA’ or ‘TPI’, who can provide a letter from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs confirming a disability pension of 70% or higher, or minimum 50 impairment points.

Who isn't eligible for a concession pass

  • War widows or White DVA Health Card holders
  • Student concession card holders
  • Transport concession entitlement holders
  • International pensioner or seniors card holders
  • Australian Disability Parking Permit holders or Mobility Parking Scheme permit holders.

How do I apply for an NPWS Concession Pass

  • Download and complete the NPWS Concession Pass application form (Doc 152KB)
  • Australian Pensioners will need to supply a copy of their valid pension card (front and back of card)
  • Australian Veterans will need to supply a copy of their valid DVA Gold Card (front and back). Gold Card holders without with 'EDA' or 'TPI', also need to supply a letter from the Veteran’s Affairs Office confirming a disability rate of 70% or more.

Then send your completed application form and supporting documents to:

Email: A confirmation email will be sent on receipt of your application.

Post: National Parks Contact Centre, Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta NSW 2124.

How long will my application take to be processed

The NPWS Concession Pass can only be issued after both the completed application form and supporting documents are received.

Please allow up to 30 days to receive your pass. Your NPWS Concession Pass will be posted to the address provided on your application.

Does the concession pass cost anything

No. It’s free.

How many concession passes can I apply for

You can only apply for 1 NPWS Concession Pass per person.

What does the NPWS Concession Pass entitle me to

An NPWS Concession Pass entitles the vehicle that you’re travelling in to enter any NSW National Park or reserve, without paying vehicle entry fees. You must be travelling in the exempt vehicle with your NPWS Concession Pass.

An NPWS Concession Pass must be used in accordance with the concession pass terms and conditions. Other fees may apply.

Do I get free park entry if I'm on a bus tour, in a taxi or commercial vehicle

No. Your NPWS Concession Pass only provides free entry if you’re travelling in a private vehicle (up to 8 seats). You’re not exempt from vehicle entry fees if entering the park in a commercial vehicle, such as a taxi, or on a bus tour.

Do I need to pay park entry fee if my application is pending, or I don't have it with me

Yes. Until your application is approved and you receive your NPWS Concession Pass, vehicle entries fees will apply. You’re only exempt from park entry fees when carrying your NPWS Concession Pass.

Please note: Fees incurred while waiting for your application to be processed are non-refundable. Please allow enough time for your card to arrive before visiting a park.

Does NPWS offer concessions to other groups

No. The NPWS Concession Pass is only available to Australian Pension Card holders and eligible Veterans Card holders. Other concession card holders can’t apply, although you might be able to take advantage of our $15 discount pass or Seniors 20% discount pass.

A Companion Card may be issued to people with significant and permanent disability, so their carer can enter a NSW national park and access tours and attractions free of charge.

NPWS may offer complementary or discounted entry to other groups, including Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services, or NPWS volunteers. If this sounds like you please contact your Fleet Manager or volunteer program coordinator for more information. Aboriginal people can contact the relevant NPWS park office directly, to assist with exemption requests.

Booti Hill walking track. Photo: Ian Brown