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Grassland environments

NSW national parks are home to vast swathes of varied native grasslands, stretching from the coastline to the interior. Grasslands are immensely variable environments, essential in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem and providing food for foraging animals and wildlife.

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Many native grasslands are immensely variable environments dominated by large perennial tussock grasses, interspersed with broad-leafed herbs. There is a conspicuous absence of woody plants. The lack of woody plants means that many animals use grasslands as foraging grounds, seeking shelter and protection in other habitats. Native tussock grasses and perennial herbs are also essential for pastoral grazing, providing food for stock and other wildlife.

NSW native grasslands stretch all the way from the exposed, humid coastline to the hot, arid interior of western NSW. Those growing in temperate regions tend to be perennial and regenerate from buds, bulbs or tubers. Those in semi-arid regions are ephemeral, spending most of their lifecycle as soil-stored seeds that germinate and grow for a short period after rain.

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