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What can NSW National Parks offer schools?

We believe that every child should have the chance to connect with nature as part of their education. NSW national parks help enrich students’ understanding of the living world and inspire them to care about, and care for, our environment.

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The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) helps students and teachers connect nature with the classroom through guided school excursions, in-school visits by rangers, fun online games and digital learning resources.

School excursions in national parks offer immersive experiences that encourage children to discover and enjoy the living world. Excursions are designed to be hands-on and meet NSW curriculum outcomes. Our professional staff are expertly placed to ensure your day in the park is a fun and educational one. 

When visiting a national park, students can: 

  • Discover ecosystems rich in biodiversity 
  • Explore historic and cultural sites 
  • Learn about Aboriginal culture and history 

The benefits of time spent in nature are recognised by health and wellbeing studies across the globe. Giving students the chance to engage with the environment can result in a profound learning experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

Ready to begin?

See our list of school excursions to find out about the programs available for your students, or check out our learning resources for ways you can bring nature into the classroom.

Greenfield Beach, Jervis Bay National Park. Photo: David Finnegan/NSW Government