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Biology fieldwork at Bonnie Vale

Stage 6 (Years 11-12), Biology, Royal National Park


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Senior biology students will hone their skills on this Stage 6 (Years 11-12) fieldwork study in Royal National Park. This biology excursion is designed to support Module 3 (adaptations) and Module 4 (population dynamics) of the syllabus.

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Bonnie Vale is a popular riverside picnic area. It's well known for its diverse vegetation, clear water and abundant wildlife. 

Here, senior biology students will undertake an investigation in the mangroves of Cabbage Tree Basin to measure environmental conditions. They'll observe specialised adaptation features of plants and animals and examine co-dependencies that enhance their chance for survival. 

This excursion provides a unique opportunity for students to use a variety of fieldwork sampling techniques. Students will gather diverse data and gain an understanding of this fragile and important ecosystem. 

This fieldwork can contribute 4 hours toward a depth study of students' choosing.

For program outline, safety and practical information about this excursion, see info for teachers

Stage Stage 6 (Years 11-12)
Learning area Biology
Student outcomes

BIO11/12-7. Communicates scientific understanding using suitable language and terminology for a specific audience or purpose

BIO11-10. Describes biological diversity by explaining the relationship between a range of organisms in terms of specialisation for selected habitats and evolution of species

BIO11-11. Analyses ecosystem dynamics and the interrelationships of organisms within the ecosystem


Students will:

  • Measure and compare abiotic factors in the wetlands
  • Dip-net to identify animals found in the ecosystem
  • Examine and identify adaptations of plants and animals
  • Use a transect to determine distribution and abundance of species
  • Use recorded observations to construct a food web
  • Identify examples of dependent relationships in the Bonnie Vale ecosystem.

Excursion details


Weekdays during school term.

Guided. Available on request.
Royal National Park in Sydney and surrounds, South Coast
Easy. Guided activities along a bush track, next to a freshwater pond, in the mangroves and at the edge of the water.

$28 per student for groups of 25 or more. GST included. For smaller groups conditions apply.

Meeting point
Meet at Bonnie Vale picnic area approximately 100m along Sea Breeze Lane.
Yes. All equipment provided.
If you would like to organise a NPWS school excursion please get in touch with local staff or use the 'Enquire' link for the online form.
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Enquire now

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  • in Royal National Park in the Sydney and surrounds and South Coast regions
  • Royal National Park is open 7am to 8.30pm but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

  • Park entry fees:

    $12 per vehicle per day. Payment options include Audley Visitor Centre, vehicle entry stations, pay machines and the Park’nPay app.

    Vehicles over 8 seats: $4.40 per adult, $2.20 per child (per day). Students on educational programs: $1.10 per student. Teachers/educational supervisors: free (1 adult per 10 students).

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