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Then and now: Aboriginal culture

Stage 4 (Years 7-8), History, Bomaderry Creek Regional Park


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Then and now: Aboriginal culture is a Stage 4 (Years 7-8) school excursion in Bomaderry Regional Park. Through story and creative expression, the life and culture of the local people are shared.

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Then and now: Aboriginal culture is a school excursion in Bomaderry Creek Regional Park for Stage 4 (Years 7-8) students focusing on history. This excursion gives students the opportunity to experience Aboriginal culture with Aboriginal Discovery rangers, and to develop an understanding of the importance of protecting and respecting culture.

Activities include bush tucker and medicine, the role of women, traditional weaving, art, music and dance, men's business (hunting, tools and didgeridoo), site management and protection.

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Stage Stage 4 (Years 7-8)
Learning area History
Student outcomes

HT4-5. Identifies the meaning, purpose and context of historical sources

HT4-6. Uses evidence from sources to support historical narratives and explanations

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$295 per group for up to 25 students, $11.80 per student (includes GST)

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