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Journey to an ancient world

Stage 4 (Years 7-8), Geography, New England National Park


School excursions in NSW national parks

We are currently taking bookings for school excursions. Not all excursions are being delivered as per the usual program due to rules outlined by NSW Health. Alternative learning options with NPWS include online digital resources or incursions delivered at your school. Please contact your National Parks education contact or the relevant local park office for more information.

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Journey to an ancient world is a school excursion in New England National Park for Stage 4 (Years 7-8) students focusing on geography as a KLA. Journey back in time to the ancient rainforests of the Gondwana super-continent.

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The journey provides a window into the ancient past when rainforests covered the land we now call Australia. Students gain an understanding of the evolution of rainforest over geological time.

Geography: 4G2 Global Environments

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Stage Stage 4 (Years 7-8)
Learning area Geography
Student outcomes

4.1. Identifies and gathers geographical information.

4.6. Describes the geographical processes that form and transform environments.

4.8. Describes the interrelationships between people and environments.


Explores changing perceptions towards rainforest over time:

  • Introduces concepts of indigenous management of rainforest on the Dorrigo Plateau
  • Highlights how the rainforests of CERRA represent remnants of once widespread rainforest and how they fulfil the criteria for inclusion on the list of World Heritage areas
  • Demonstrates how global climatic changes have a profound effect on Australia's vegetation and bio-diversity
  • Explores the geo-heritage of The Great Escarpment and Ebor Volcano.

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By arrangement.

Guided. Available on request.
New England National Park in North Coast, Country NSW

$520 per group (price includes GST). Maximum 30 students per group. For groups over 30 conditions apply.

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