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People and place

Stage 3 (Years 5-6), Geography, Sherwood Nature Reserve


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People and place is a Stage 3 (Years 5-6) geography excursion at Sherwood Nature Reserve. Come and explore what makes this remnant lowland rainforest ecosystem unique, and how people have interacted with and valued this place over time.

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On this school excursion, students will compare and contrast ways that community attitudes and values have changed through time to shape our natural landscapes. They’ll explore how the natural environment influences people.

Students will observe environmental changes at a local scale from forest management practices and compare changes in a rainforest versus a disturbed forest environment.

As they learn about this unique place, students will develop an appreciation for cultural and resource values versus aesthetic and ecosystem values. They’ll subsequently recognise how people contribute to the sustainability of an area.

For program outline, safety and practical information about this excursion, see info for teachers

Stage Stage 3 (Years 5-6)
Learning area Geography
Student outcomes

GE3-2. Explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

GE3-3. Compares and contrasts influences on the management of places and environments


Students will:

  • Explain the significance of Sherwood Nature Reserve as a protected area and acknowledge the local Traditional Owners of Country
  • Compare ways community attitudes and values have changed through time to shape our natural landscapes
  • Develop an appreciation of the unchanging intrinsic value of a sub-tropical rainforest versus the changing extrinsic values such as resource and aesthetic values
  • Specify ways people contribute to the sustainability of an area
  • Recognise environmental changes resulting from forest management practices, such as floristic and microclimate characteristics in the rainforest versus a disturbed forest environment.
  • Empathise with the perspectives of different people associated with the rainforest over time and develop an understanding of how the natural environment influences people

Excursion details


Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 4.30pm during school terms.

Guided. Available on request. Please provide us with at least 2 week's notice if you would like to book this school excursion.
2hrs 30min
Easy. Ranger-guided walk and activities mostly along a flat, gravel fire trail. One shallow (or dry) creek bed crossing, sections of leaf litter on the forest floor and unsealed walking path.

$360 per group (includes GST). Maximum 30 students per group. 

Meeting point
Woolgoolga Creek picnic area
If you would like to organise a NPWS school excursion please get in touch with local staff or use the 'Enquire' link for the online form.
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Park info

  • in Sherwood Nature Reserve in the North Coast region
  • Sherwood Nature Reserve is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather, fire danger or damage to trail network.

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