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Winged peppercress conservation program

In Pilliga National Park, close to the town of Baradine in north west NSW, the winged peppercress population is significantly threatened by the presence of recreational vehicles. These 4WDs churn up the surface and disturb the important habitat structure. To reduce this threat, NSW National Parks (NPWS) has installed an access barrier, and will continue to carefully monitor this endangered herb.

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A member of the mustard family, the winged peppercress is an endangered annual herb, highly dependent on seasonal conditions.

To help to secure the species at the site and ensure the population's viability in the long term, NPWS has installed an access barrier. We will also continue to carefully monitor the winged peppercress as part of our Saving our Species program.

The winged peppercress has narrow, angular stems adorned with green-brown flowers. If you’re planning to spot some on your visit to Pilliga National Park, the trick is to remember the winged peppercress usually grows in moist to waterlogged sites, on heavy fertile soils.

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Guided tour, Pilliga National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary