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Supplementary pest control program

Pest animals cause significant impacts, and pest control requires a multi-pronged approach in order to be successful. NSW National Parks’ supplementary pest control program deploys highly-skilled volunteers to work in reserves with well-known pest issues. These volunteer shooters work alongside NPWS representatives to help remove pest species.

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One of the major challenges facing NSW national parks is the effect of pest animals on native ecosystems. About 40 per cent of threatened species are impacted by the likes of feral pigs, rabbits, wild dogs and foxes. 

NPWS already undertakes one of the biggest pest control programs in Australia, using techniques including aerial shooting, fencing, trapping and baiting. The supplementary pest control program expands this strategy to include highly-skilled and trained volunteer shooters working alongside NPWS employees in the different reserves. These reserves have been chosen because of existing pest control programs that concentrate on protecting threatened species and cultural heritage, and would respond well to additional ground shooting.

Volunteers are trained and accredited to ensure they’re appropriately qualified, and NPWS places safety first.

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