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Planning for fire

Bushfires are inevitable across fire-prone vegetation types within NSW national parks. NPWS prepares for wildfires by working with other fire agencies, reserve neighbours and the community to ensure protection of life, property and biodiversity. Every park has its own fire management strategy, devised in consultation with partner fire authorities and the community to plan and prioritise fire management.

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Wildfires regenerate the landscape and provide numerous ecological benefits, but there are important and obvious reasons to undertake adequate preparation and planning, including the development of fire management strategies and plans. 

NPWS manages fire in our parks and reserves to protect life and property, as well as heritage sites, important tourism and recreational features, and Aboriginal sites and places.

Due to the size and diversity of NSW national parks, and because fire doesn’t respect park boundaries, NPWS works with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), Fire and Rescue NSW, Forestry Corporation of NSW, other agencies and park neighbours to manage for fire. NPWS is a long-standing member of the NSW Bush Fire Coordinating Committee (BFCC). At a regional level, NPWS works with local bushfire management committees, other agencies and local communities to develop Bush Fire Risk Management Plans and Reserve Fire Management Strategies. These plans and strategies cover risk mitigation and fire suppression information, and act as the basis for hazard reduction burn planning.

In addition to individual park plans, NSW also has a state-wide strategy that addresses fire management in NSW national parks and reserves for the next decade.

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