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Pied oystercatcher conservation program

There are fewer than 200 pied oystercatcher breeding pairs estimated in NSW, as this endangered species faces multiple threats. The pied oystercatcher conservation project aims to keep predator numbers low, protect its habitat, reduce recreational impact, and install signage at major nesting sites.

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The 8 key habitats of the pied oystercatcher in NSW include: South Ballina, Clarence River Entrance, Yuraygir, Towra Point, Comerong Island, Conjola, Murramarang and Turross Brou.

Hoping to spot one? Scan the beach at low tide – you may see one using its strong beak to crack open an oyster shell.

Although striking, with black and white feathers and brilliant red eyes, legs and bill, the pied oystercatcher is a shy wader threatened by predatory birds and foxes. 

The Saving our Species program works to keep predator numbers low, protect habitats, reduce recreational impact and install signage at major nesting sites.

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Towra Beach picnic area, Towra Point Nature Reserve. Photo: OEH