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Paroo Darling National Park joint management program

To acknowledge the commitment NSW National Parks has in working with the Paroo-Darling National Park Elders Council, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in November 2010. This agreement ensures that Aboriginal people have meaningful involvement in the management of the park, which features Aboriginal sites and places of cultural value.

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Paroo-Darling National Park is comprised of 7 parcels of land, mostly restored from pastoral use. One of these parcels, Peery Lake, has a long history of Aboriginal habitation and abundant occupation sites, art sites, engravings, and traditional stories are associated with the area. 

Peery Lake is also significant for its status as a Ramsar wetland and the local Aboriginal people were involved in its listing on the Ramsar Convention.

Members of the Paroo Darling National Park Co-management Committee have also been fundamental to the planning and approval of park management activities such as boundary fencing, fire management and site recording.  

Collaborative actions like this will only increase in the future, with regular meetings and cultural activities. The Co-management Committee is a crucial way for Aboriginal community members to engage with NPWS staff, ensuring that Paroo-Darling National Park remains a vibrant place of both ecology and Aboriginal culture.

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