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The Northern Plains geodiversity action plan

NSW National Parks’ Northern Plains geodiversity action plan promotes the protection of the area’s important and impressive geological sites. The plan provides a detailed survey of Northern Plains geology and offers recommendations for rangers and other field staff to monitor key sites and to review existing site protection measures on a regular basis.

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The Northern Plains region of NSW includes some of the most unusual, impressive, and scientifically important geological sites in the state. This includes: remnants of ancient volcanos, intermittent wetlands fed by complex drainage systems, intricately woven sandstone caves, ephemeral lakes surrounded by small-large scale lunettes, and gilgais containing endangered ecological communities.

An example of geoconservation, the NPWS geodiversity action plan is designed to protect these important features, some of which are very remote, by complementing existing national park plans of management.

To prepare the plan, the Karst and Geodiversity Unit of NPWS assessed features in places as varied as Goonoo National Park (for its sand dunes and caves), Narran Lake Nature Reserve (for its lakes and lunettes), and Pilliga National Park (for its giant gilgai and paleo river channels). The final plan contains recommendations for rangers and other field-based staff, including the regular monitoring of key sites and a review of site protection measures.

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