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Mungo Youth Project

The Mungo Youth Project is a mentored ‘kids teaching kids’ program. This 10-week program for students unites traditional Aboriginal culture and heritage with science and archaeology. It addresses topics integral to Mungo National Park and culminates in a conference run by local Traditional Elders within the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area.

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Kids are exposed to the incredible significance of this age-old region through the Mungo Youth Project. The program addresses topics integral to Mungo National Park, including its shifting landscape, climate change, biodiversity, and what life was like in ancient Mungo.

Throughout the program, students between school years 5 and 12 are mentored by a partnership of Elders, Traditional Owners, Discovery rangers, archaeologists, scientists, landholders, educators and NPWS staff. They gain knowledge, confidence and respect for the region’s deep cultural heritage.

The program culminates in 3 days of workshops, presentations and hands-on projects. This conference is held on a pastoral station amidst the beauty of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area near Mungo National Park, and hosted by Aboriginal Elders from the Traditional tribal groups Mutthi Mutthi, Ngiyampaa and Paaknatji.

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