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Megalong Valley bottlebrush conservation program

NSW National Parks protects the Megalong Valley bottlebrush as part of its Saving our Species program. This critically endangered pinky-purple bottlebrush is restricted to a small section of the eastern Megalong Valley in the vicinity of Megalong Creek and Nellie's Glen Road, near Blue Mountains National Park, making conservation efforts vital to its survival.

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You can spot the Megalong Valley bottlebrush in shrubby swamp and swampy woodland habitat, particularly along Nellies Glen Drive. Shrubs generally begin flowering between mid-November and early December, so be sure to visit during this time and keep an eye out for their vibrant pinky-purple blooms.

As well as monitoring the abundance of bottlebrush and other endangered and threatened species in Blue Mountains National Park, NPWS staff carry out a range of activities to protect it. Conservation efforts are vital to the species’ recovery, and currently include: invasive weed control, planned ecological burning and protecting habitat by preventing vehicle access and livestock grazing.

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