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Karst area management plans

NSW National Parks’ karst area management plans set important guidelines to help us protect these magnificent karst landforms. Developed in consultation with key stakeholders and implemented in karst areas of high conservation value, these management plans will help us preserve these distinct landforms and maintain geodiversity in NSW.

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An integral component of geodiversity in NSW, karst forms over thousands or millions of years. Its features support complex ecosystems, and so it’s imperative we prioritise its conservation.

NSW National Parks’ karst area management plans focus on the unique attributes and special requirements of karst landforms in areas which provide a significant geomorphological resource and habitats for a diversity of cave-adapted animals in NSW. The karst area management plans ensure that human associations with karst are ecologically sound to ensure their ongoing protection and sustainability.

Karst area management plans identify key issues and required actions for a range of things, including: surface landforms, features and processes, hydrology and water quality, caves, fire, plants and animals, culturally significant features, surface recreation, research and monitoring.

NSW National Parks has prepared karst area management plans for Deua National Park and a collection of reserves within the Macleay and Walcha areas, with plans proposed for Kosciuszko National Park, Kanangra Boyd National Park and more.

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