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Geodiversity gap analysis

A geodiversity gap analysis surveyed the full range of geodiversity in NSW so the Office of Environment and Heritage could determine whether or not its reserves included an accurate representation of geology, features, soil types, and fossil sites across the state. The findings will help shape future protection choices.

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A priority of the Office of Environment and Heritage has been to reserve a full range of natural features in NSW so they are protected for the future. Supporting the NSW National Parks Establishment Plan 2008, a geodiversity gap analysis identified important landforms and types of geology across the whole state, so the government could ensure it had included an accurate cross-section in its reserves.

The gap analysis found that a significant portion of NSW geodiversity is well-represented, though there could be greater inclusion of areas like aeolian sand plains and dunes, and floodplains of coastal and inland rivers. It also found that the majority of the 53 nationally significant fossil sites in NSW are located on private land.

This analysis will help the government make future choices on what features should be added to its reserves, and how best to protect them. The findings also provide a valuable educational tool for anyone interested in our remarkable geodiversity.

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