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Fort Denison heritage collection project

Fort Denison is home to a wealth of historic heritage. The Fort Denison heritage collection project invited volunteers to locate, identify, document, conserve, interpret and make accessible the heritage collections in Sydney Harbour National Park. This allowed NPWS to engage with the community and ensure our collections are protected.

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Sydney Harbour National Park is blessed with an immense historic legacy. With its diverse past and position in the harbour’s very heart, Fort Denison is perhaps the park’s most remarkable cultural heritage attraction.

Presenting fantastic opportunities for community involvement, the Fort Denison Collection Project involved documenting the movable historic heritage collection objects held by NPWS. The project saw volunteers working on the island – measuring, photographing, describing, recording and researching the range of objects in the Fort Denison collection.

The collection’s significant historical items include 19th century cannons, lanterns and other colonial military articles. There are also caretakers’ journals, bibles and diaries, and small objects like uniform buttons and badges.

This was the first of many NPWS heritage collection projects. Designed to encourage public participation in our national parks, the project’s ultimate aim was to showcase this heritage, both online and onsite, and conserve it for future generations.

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