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Conservation and coastal engravings in Royal National Park

The conservation and coastal engravings project in the Royal National Park is working to preserve one of the region’s finest expressions of Aboriginal culture: the Jibbon Headland Aboriginal engravings. A new boardwalk and viewing platform limit the foot access that was damaging the engravings, while encroaching soil and vegetation are being removed.

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Jibbon boasts some of the region’s most outstanding engravings. As well as being impressive to behold, the engravings highlight the Dharawal People’s past and present links to the land.

For decades, this site was open to its many visitors, allowing them to walk along the engravings, but this led to deterioration. 

This NSW National Parks conservation project works with the goal of protecting and preserving this exceptional expression of Aboriginal culture. A boardwalk and viewing platform have been built, limiting direct access, and encroaching soil and vegetation is being removed from the area.

Collaborating closely with La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), community members and representatives, NPWS is undertaking these conservation works to uphold the integrity of this unique site and enhance your visit to this special Aboriginal cultural site.

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