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Park management

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) manages protected areas which play a critical role in protecting biodiversity, as well as natural and cultural heritage in parks.

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A range of habitats and ecosystems, plant and animal species, significant geological features, and landforms, are protected within NSW reserves. They provide shelter for the largest and most diverse collection of cultural heritage on public land. Reserves also protect areas which are important to people, such as places of scenic beauty, landscapes and natural features of significance, wilderness areas, wild rivers, water catchments, popular places for nature-based recreation, and icons and sites of national significance.

Park management documents are created by NSW National Parks for the purpose of protection, preservation, and, in some cases, regeneration, of these important aspects. Park management documents include plans of management explaining how a park will be managed as well as fire management strategies designed to help:

  • Safeguard human life and property
  • Protect Aboriginal sites and assets
  • Promote the conservation of biodiversity

NSW National Parks consults with local communities, bushfire management committees, rural fire brigades and other interested parties in the preparation of fire management plans and strategies.