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National park performance scorecards

National park performance scorecards is a world-leading ecological program that will track 8 NSW national park sites with Ecological Health Performance Scorecards.

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This monitoring system aims to significantly improve the health of NSW national parks. It does this by tracking key ecological indicators.

On-ground monitoring data and park management actions will be fed into Scorecards. These will provide a snapshot of what is happening with native plants and animals, important ecological processes, and threats to ecological health such as feral animals and weeds.

Through this program, we'll systematically collect and apply the critical information required to design and deliver effective park management.

Performance scorecards will help measure the performance of park management programs and inform changes in strategies to ensure NPWS funds are being invested where they make the most important conservation gains.

Nowhere in the world is there a similar scheme operating that integrates ecological health indicators and financial data into national park decision-making.

By late 2025, Scorecards will have been published for 8 key NSW national park sites covering around 30% of the national park estate, and representing major NSW ecosystems.

The program's first 2 Scorecards are for 2 iconic sites. The first, an aggregate including Royal National Park, Heathcote National Park, and Garawarra State Conservation Area. And the second, Kosciuszko National Park.

The first data will be published in 2024, enabling people to track the health of our parks online.

The program plays a key role in ensuring we meet our commitment to zero extinctions in NSW National Parks. Read more about national park performance scorecards.