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Campground and accommodation booking FAQs

Online booking is required for all campgrounds and hard roof accommodation across NSW. To help you enjoy your stay in NSW national parks, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How can I make a booking?

  • Book online 24/7
  • Call the National Parks Contact Centre on 1300 072 757

Why do you need my email address and contact number?

Booking confirmations and other important information such as check-in times will be sent to your email address. Contact details are also important in case of an emergency e.g. fires, or a park closure, where NPWS may need to contact you. We’ll have a better chance of reaching you before you start your journey, or while you’re on your way to the park.

You will also be contacted via email with the opportunity to provide feedback on your camping or accommodation experience. This will enable NSW National Parks to continue to improve the service.

Can I reserve my favourite campsite or accommodation?

Dependent on the campground, you will be able to select a preferred site or you will be able to book a site type and occupy a suitable site on arrival. Please note NPWS reserves the right to move sites should a move be required for any reason. Every effort will be made to contact customers before arrival.

Is it possible to visit the local NPWS office and book a site when I arrive?

Campground and hard roof accommodation must be booked prior to arrival to ensure availability and minimise overcrowding. A small number of campgrounds have an office onsite, but most offices no longer take bookings.

Booking online

What are the benefits of an online booking system?

Reservations enable you to plan your stay ahead of time, providing comfort in the knowledge that you will have a suitable space on arrival. This is especially useful during peak season when demand is high. The introduction of easy-to-use booking options provides flexibility and equal opportunity to book campgrounds and hard roof accommodation. The fees collected contribute directly to the on-ground management of facilities, so NPWS can continue to provide these services to visitors.

Online booking systems improve payment efficiency, so a greater proportion of fees can go towards improving and maintaining camping facilities such as toilets, showers, picnic tables, barbecues, walking tracks, access roads and carparks, and services like rubbish removal and information signs.

Are online bookings available for all NSW National Park campgrounds and hard roof accommodation?

Yes, online bookings are now available for all NSW National Park campgrounds and hard roof accommodation.

What do I do if I cannot find the campground I want to book?

All campgrounds have been added to the booking system. Please check whether the campground is within NSW national park land and is managed my NPWS. A number of council or commercial campgrounds are located close to national parks.

If you are walking in a remote area and intend to wild camp along the way in sites without facilities, you need to fill in a trip intention form. Please check that remote camping is allowed in the area you are visiting. If you are unsure, please contact us on 1300 072 757.

What do I need to make an online booking?

You’ll need either a Visa or MasterCard, and a registered email address. Search for a place to stay, click through to your chosen property, review availability and pricing before clicking the ‘Book now’ button to proceed with your reservation.

How can I make a booking if I do not have a credit card?

Most Australian banks now issue a Visa or MasterCard debit card as the standard transaction card on bank accounts. You can use this card to make a booking. Alternatively, many retailers including Australia Post and banks offer pre-paid credit cards including gift cards. You will be able to book with a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard.

Can I book more than 1 campsite or accommodation at once?

In general, booking more than 1 site is permitted. Campgrounds and accommodations have different restrictions for the maximum number of sites that can be booked by a single customer. Please visit the property’s webpage for specific information.

What documents do I get when I make an online booking?

You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your booking, including links to the following PDF documents:

  1. Your tax invoice available via your online account
  2. A copy of the terms and conditions
  3. Property access information and gate codes as applicable 

If you have not received your reservation details within 1 hour, please contact 1300 072 757 from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.


Do I need to take my confirmation/tax invoice with me when I visit the park?

Yes, please save or print your confirmation and tax invoice as you may be asked to provide evidence of your reservation.

When do I need to pay?

Customers are required to pay in full at the time of booking, as our campgrounds and accommodation are increasing in popularity. Please refer to the terms and conditions before submitting your payment. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions before submitting your reservation.

Why can’t I pay a deposit now and the balance closer to my arrival date?

Managing deposits and following up balance payments is a significant drain on scarce resources. Instant payment is efficient, allowing more funds to be directed towards visitor facilities and maintenance.

Do I need to add a vehicle number plate to my booking?

Most campgrounds require that you nominate the motor vehicle number plate you will be travelling in. You do not need to add plates for trailers or caravans but you need to check that auxiliary vehicles can be accommodated.

The number of vehicles are limited per site to manage space and to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. You need to make additional bookings if you travel in groups of vehicles for most sites. Vehicle number plates will be used to check bookings.

If you do not know the vehicle number plate at the time of booking, please indicate TBC on your booking and return closer to the travel date to update the number plate information. If you are walking, indicate the vehicle left at the start of your walk or indicate ‘none’ if you do not have a vehicle left in a national park overnight.

How do I change the vehicle number plate on my booking?

You can login to your account using the link in your email confirmation. Navigate to the menu bar and select add/edit vehicle details to proceed.

Campground and accommodation fee information

Why are fees charged for camping and accommodation?

While many national parks in NSW are free for visitors to enjoy, NPWS charges fees for camping and hard roof accommodation in some parks. Revenue from these fees contributes to the cost of maintaining and improving NPWS’ visitor facilities, keeping visitors safe, and managing the impact of visitors on ecologically sensitive environments.

Camping fees are based on the level of facilities available at a campground and only partially cover the costs associated with providing these facilities. Fees are being introduced at some campgrounds around NSW to enable NPWS to better maintain camping areas. 

What fees will I be charged?

NPWS has a base site fee for all campgrounds using the online booking system. When you book a campground, your fee will consist of:

  • A base site fee (minimum daily rate per site) 
  • Further fees for additional people (up to the site maximum)
  • A booking fee of 2.5% (calculated on the total value of the reservation)

Campgrounds without a camping fee charge a flat booking fee per site for the length of the stay.

Why do I have to pay the base site fee for 2 people when camping alone?

While the base site fee currently is equivalent to 2 adults, it is the minimum fee for a site to use the space. Each camping setup has an impact on the environment, and the use of the campsite excludes other people from using the area.

Does the booking fee apply to hard roof accommodation?

Yes, the 2.5% booking fee applies to both campground and hard roof accommodation bookings.

Why do you charge booking fees?

The reservation system used by NPWS for online, phone, or face-to-face bookings is a web-based system and charges for each reservation. To help offset these fees, each reservation is charged a booking fee. This reservation system is used for all bookings – phone, online or at a park, which is why the fee applies regardless of how your reservation is made.

What is a security deposit?

Security deposits are a hold of funds on your card as advised in the security deposit policy for the property. Deposits are typically processed on the day of arrival or the day prior. You will need to ensure that your card has funds available. The hold may be reflected in a reduction of available balance on your account or as a pending charge.

Security deposits will be released after departure and satisfactory return of the property. Once funds are released, return of deposits to your account will depend on your financial institution, typically within 24 hours of release.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

Some properties charge a security deposit. Security deposits may also be referred to as pre-authorisation. Damages or additional costs including excessive cleaning fees or call outs may be charged against the security deposit. You will be contacted if additional charges apply. Where the security deposit does not cover damages, the person holding the reservation will be liable for additional costs.

Are there any discounts for pensioners or students?

Standard prices apply for pensioners and students.

Are park entry fees included in my camping/accommodation fees?

No, park entry fees are not included in your camping or accommodation fees. See the list of fee collecting national parks, and buy an annual pass. Annual passes must be purchased before your stay and should be clearly displayed on all vehicles at all times.

Changes, cancellations and closures

What happens if I need to cancel or change my booking?

You can cancel or change your booking online by logging into the guest portal.  All cancellations and changes are subject to the terms and conditions. The campsite or hard roof accommodation must only be occupied by the number of people specified and paid for in the booking confirmation. You will need to update your booking before arrival if your guest numbers change.

Extreme weather has been forecast. Can I postpone my reservation or get a refund?

No. Refunds or postponements of reservations will only be provided when extreme weather events result in park closures. See the terms and conditions for more information.

What happens if the park is closed for any reason?

We'll let you know via phone or email if there are park closures affecting your reservation. A full refund will be provided, including any booking fee paid.

Where can I find out about park closures?

Please visit the alerts page for closures in NSW national parks.

How will I get a refund for my booking?

Refunds will be processed according to your payment method. Where available, refunds will be reversed to the card used to make the initial payment. Where refunds are not able to be reversed to the card, a bank transfer will be arranged. 

How long will it take to get my refund?

Refunds back to cards often appear in 3 to 5 business days. Availability of funds will depend on your bank. Refunds via bank transfer usually take up to 15 business days. During peak times, refunds via transfers can take up to 4 weeks to appear. If you have not received your refund within this time, please contact the National Parks Contact Centre.