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Cottan-Bimbang National Park

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Cottan-Bimbang is a perfect destination for car touring, turning the Oxley Highway into its own attraction, with additional driving routes and barbecues on offer too.

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Cottan-Bimbang National Park is a driver’s dream – the best of nature experienced from the comfort of your own car. Rugged mountain vistas slide into view, then disappear as you wind your way along the highway south of Werrikimbe National Park. Formerly state forest, this area is now a candidate for inclusion in the Gondwana Rainforest World Heritage Area. In other words, there’s a great deal more here than just trees along the side of a road.

As you travel from Walcha or Wauchope, rainforest becomes dry eucalypt, tall and laden with birds. 'Cottan-bimbang' is the local Aboriginal word for the walking stick palm, which grows in the park's warm temperate rainforests. There’s even dry rainforest of myrtle tucked along the creek beds. During the day, this varied landscape is alive with birds and animals, like the brush turkey and shy parma wallaby.

But look a little closer and what you’ll find are fascinating traces of colonial heritage, too, with reminders of the gold mining era, convicts, and bushrangers. Bring a picnic and you’ll find quiet clearings by a river, and biking or hiking opportunities for the truly intrepid. When so much is passed by in daily life as you rush from one destination to the next, Cottan-Bimbang is the sort of place that makes you slow down and appreciate the world around you.

You can book a camping stay at Maxwells Flat campground.

Highlights in this park

  • Myrtle Scrub scenic drive, Cottan-Bimbang National Park. Photo: John Spencer/NSW Government

    Myrtle Scrub scenic drive

    Myrtle Scrub scenic drive is a 14km alternative driving route to the highway straight through scenic views of Cottan-Bimbang National Park, tracing a ...

  • Lyre bird

    Maxwells Flat campground

    Set amid regenerating rainforest, you’ll find plenty of grassy patches to set up camp or picnic under the trees at Maxwells Flat campground.


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A family walk a boardwalk section of Bouddi coastal walk, Bouddi National Park. Photo: John Spencer/OEH.

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