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St Bernard's Church

Hartley Historic Site

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Venue info

All the practical information you need to know about St Bernard's Church.

Getting there and parking

On entering Hartley Historic Site, you'll find St Bernard's Church opposite Hartley Courthouse and next to Hartley Historic Site Visitor Centre.

Road quality

  • Sealed roads

Vehicle access

  • 2WD vehicles

Weather restrictions

  • All weather


Adequate parking is available for all functions.


Venue hire inclusions:

  • 9 pews for seating
  • A lectern
  • 1 day of wedding rehearsal permitted in the week prior to the event

Please return the church back to its original state after your event. There may be a fee if excessive waste is left behind, if the church is damaged, or if significant cleaning is required.


The toilets are a 2min walk from the church, behind the Post Office building.

  • Flush toilets

Electric power

There is power in the church available for limited use.

Maps and downloads

Safety messages

Mobile safety

Dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Download the Emergency Plus app before you visit, it helps emergency services locate you using your smartphone's GPS. Please note there is limited mobile phone reception in this park and you’ll need mobile reception to call Triple Zero (000).


Disability access level - medium

There's a portable wheelchair ramp. Assistance may be required to access this area.


Food and drink:

Celebratory drinks and canapes are permitted outside the courthouse only.

Plant materials

Flower arrangements containing no seed material. A florist can arrange this for you on request.

Structures, staging, furniture and amusements

Outdoor events:

  • Weighted free-standing decorative items such as bridal arches, red carpet and columns.
  • 15 chairs with rail-style legs and 3 tables no larger than 3m square

Commercial filming and photography

  • 1 photographer and 1 photographer's assistant, 1 videographer and 1 videographer's assistant
  • Commercial photography and video, including drone use, may be permitted on application. You’ll need a small-scale photography license.

Power, lighting and amplified sounds

Internal power is available. A small public address system may be used.


You can bring your dog to Hartley Historic Site, but it must be kept on a leash and outside of buildings.


Alterations to the existing internal or external fabric of the building are not permitted:

  • Tacks, nails, florist putty or similar are not to be used as part of any decoration.
  • Please do not attach decorations to the walls
  • Signs associated with your event must not be attached to any NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service asset, including signs, posts or trees.

Confetti, plant materials and rice are not permitted, including:

  • Decorations consisting of flowers or plant materials that contain seeds or vines and exotic plant materials
  • Throwing rice or petals

Candles and open flames are not permitted.


NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

St Bernard's Church

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