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Trip intention form

NSW National Parks and NSW Police are trialling a digital trip intention form at 6 walk-in locations, as part of the Think Before You TREK initiative, to help ensure your wilderness adventure isn't unforgettable for the wrong reasons.

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Before you head out on your bushwalk or adventure activity in Kosciuszko National Park or the Greater Blue Mountains Wilderness, it's a good idea to take precautions in case of unexpected accidents, weather events or emergencies. Read on to find out how and where you can complete the free trip intention form and hire a personal locator beacon (PLB).

Where can I complete my trip intention form?

The trip intention form is currently only available to complete in person by visiting the 6 locations below. Fill in your form in 3 easy steps using the dedicated iPad.

Completing the form doesn't guarantee an automatic search and rescue operation. It's your responsibility to ensure your nominated contact (friend or family) is able to notify police if you don't return on time.

What information do I need for the trip intention form?

To complete the trip intention form you'll need to have all your trip details with you, including:

  • Your full name
  • Start and finish dates and locations
  • Details of vehicles at your start and finish points (including registration numbers)
  • Trip location, route/s, camping spots, key features or deviations from "standard routes"
  • Details of your group, including any known medical conditions
  • Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) HEX or UIN number or your own or borrowed unit
  • Summary of the gear you'll be carrying
  • Name, email address and phone number of at least one friend or family member to be your nominated emergency contact (NPWS or NSW police cannot be your nominated contact)

You'll be asked to accept terms and conditions, including acknowledgement that:

  • The information is accurate
  • Changes must be communicated to the nominated contact
  • The form does not constitute an approval
  • Completing the form does not guarantee a search and rescue operation
  • The privacy statement and Health Records and Information Privacy Act applies

What happens once I complete my trip intention form?

Once completed at one of the locations above, you'll be issued with a unique Trip Intention Form Number. A summary of the trip details you've provided are sent to:

  • You or the person in your group who completed the form
  • The nominated contact/s
  • The local NSW National Parks Visitor Information Centre
  • NSW National Parks Duty Officer
  • NSW Police Rescue Coordinator

In the event that you or your group becomes overdue, your nominated contact can refer to the trip notification email they received, which includes information about how to contact Police to initiate a search.

Where a PLB is activated, Police will be advised of the PLB details and may cross-reference the trip intention form for details to improve their search.

After you've submitted your form, please take the time to fill in the quick online survey for feedback on your experience.

Ferns in rainforest on Ruined Castle walking track, Blue Mountains National Park. Photo: Steve Alton/OEH