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WilderQuest in the Classroom

WilderQuest in the Classroom is a free educational resource for primary school students and teachers. Students can explore nature through interactive technology in the classroom and on excursions in NSW national parks.

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WilderQuest in the Classroom includes Aboriginal Campfire, where students and teachers can learn about the cultures of Aboriginal people in NSW.

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From screen to classroom and into nature

WilderQuest in the Classroom has online games, activities, tools and lessons for students in Stages 1–3 (Kindergarten to Year 6). It's linked to the NSW Science and Technology, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) and History and Geography syllabuses. It's also aligned with the Australian curriculum.

Lessons and excursions take the learning outdoors, so students can explore, investigate and connect with nature.

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WilderQuest school excursions are designed to meet NSW school curriculum outcomes. They're a valuable educational experience in NSW national parks.

Aboriginal Campfire

Aboriginal Campfire is a WilderQuest in the Classroom resource. It includes 360° virtual reality videos in which Aboriginal rangers share their culture, knowledge and connection to Country. Teachers who want to explore Aboriginal culture in the classroom can:

  • Show the videos onscreen or as virtual reality experiences for students
  • Draw on the accompanying student learning resources

Watch Aboriginal Campfire 360° videos 

On this virtual reality journey, students climb inside the branches of a giant strangler fig at Dorrigo National Park. Guided by Aboriginal rangers, students cruise gentle waters in a traditional bark canoe in Sydney Harbour National Park. They even scale rushing waterfalls in Blue Mountains National Park.

Book an Aboriginal culture school excursion

Led by expert Aboriginal guides, students share in the culture and heritage of NSW on these excursions. Book an Aboriginal culture school excursion for:

How Aboriginal Campfire supports learning

It’s full of rich learning experiences that help students recognise and understand the concepts of Country, People, Culture and Identity. They find out about Aboriginal people’s connection to Country, traditional ways of living and the Dreaming. It includes 3 lesson sequences plus an assessment and student reflection.

It’s for Geography, History, English and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures cross-curriculum priority.

WilderQuest in the Classroom and Aboriginal Campfire have been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.