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Warrumbungle National Park fire knowledge management

This knowledge management program involves the development of a range of print and online materials to communicate the impacts of the January 2013 bushfires in Warrumbungle National Park. 

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These publications and materials explain how the bushfires affected Warrumbungle National Park, the ecological recovery taking place, the intense recovery effort that’s now underway, and the program of scientific research being carried out to learn from this event.

A booklet describing the immediate impacts on the ecosystems of the park is in preparation, and at the conclusion of the research in 2016, a book with the results of the scientific research will be published. Both will be available in print, as well as online.

In the park itself, interpretive signage is being installed and public seminars are being delivered. Information about the ongoing research and recovery, and a photographic gallery to which the public can contribute their photos, will soon be available on the NSW National Parks website.

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