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Bush regeneration volunteering program

From mountain rainforests and coastal dunes, to bird-filled wetlands and eucalyptus forests, important bush regeneration work is being carried out across NSW.

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Bushcare is one of the most important volunteer programs in NSW. Helping to remove invasive weeds allows space and nutrients for Australian native plants and also helps to create habitat for Australian animals.

Depending on the particular environment, bushcare activities can include weeding, dealing with erosion and soil disturbance, tree planting, stream bank and dune stabilisation, and fire management.

Volunteering to join a bush regeneration program is a great way to get outdoors and meet like-minded people. You’ll also find yourself learning a huge amount about the local native plants and animals.

There are many bushcare volunteering opportunities in both NSW metropolitan and regional areas, so please contact NSW National Parks to find out what’s happening at a park or nature reserve near you.

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