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Join Sand Dune Safaris for an epic adventure in Worimi National Park. Learn how to sandboard or take on a sand surfing challenge on the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Easy. Suitable for all ages and experience levels. A basic level of fitness is required for this tour.

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Eplore the stunning Stockton sand dunes on Worimi Conservation Lands with experienced guides from Sand Dune Safaris. Take a sandboarding safari across the magnificent dunes in a comfortable 4WD to a sandboarders paradise right in the heart of the dunes. Bring your own food and drinks to enjoy in the shady picnic area.

Up for a challenge? Try sand surfing in a safe environment on boards with or without bindings. You can choose to sit, stand or even ride tandem. For an added stand-up challenge, ask to try one of Sand Dune Safaris’ pro-boards. These boards are most suited to people with extensive snowboarding experience.

Sand Dune Safaris is a licensed commercial tour operator with a Parks Eco Pass.

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    Disability access level - hard

    • Wheelchair access can be arranged for the 4WD trip to the sand dunes.
    • Some assistance will necessary to access the vehicle and navigate soft sand.
    • There are seats available at the sandboarding location.
    • Contact Sand Dune Safaris to discuss your accessibility requirements.

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    Worimi guided sandboarding and sand surfing adventures is in Worimi National Park. Here are just some of the reasons why this park is special:

    A forest beyond the dunes

    Oyster catches birds on the beach, Worimi Conservation Lands. Photo: John Spencer

    Worimi National Park comprises sandy stretches of beach and mobile sand dunes  in fact, at Stockton Bight, you’ll find the largest mobile coastal sand mass in the southern hemisphere. If you venture beyond the dunes, you can find forest thriving with coastal sand apple blackbutt and swamp mahogany paperbark trees. The area is part of Worimi Conservation Lands, including over 1,800ha of forest.

    An ancient heritage

    Worimi Conservation Lands. Photo: John Spencer

    When you visit Worimi Conservation Lands, you'll step into a place abundant in Aboriginal cultural history. There are an extraordinary number of Aboriginal cultural sites that pre-date European settlement, scattered throughout the dunes. These include middens, campsites and burials, all of which reflect the cultural use of the land and have special cultural significance to the Worimi people.

    • Sand Dune Adventures quad bike tour Tackle the dunes on 4WD quad bikes with Sand Dune Adventures, an Aboriginal-owned tour company. For beginners or advanced riders, it's a thrilling way to see Worimi's spectacular coastal dunes.
    • Worimi guided sandboarding and sand surfing adventures Join Sand Dune Safaris for an epic adventure in Worimi National Park. Learn how to sandboard or take on a sand surfing challenge on the largest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Beach activities

    Worimi National Park. Photo: John Spencer

    Surfing, fishing, whale watching, bird watching, dog walking, horse riding, quad biking, beach walking; the list continues. Stockton Beach is an absolute treasure trove for sun-lovers. Enjoy a unique driving experience on a 4WD tour. It's a beach holiday you'll remember long after you've shaken the sand from your shoes.

    • Port Stephens guided camel rides Explore the vast sand dunes of Worimi National Park on camelback with Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides. Your guides will take you on a tour along beautiful Birubi Beach, near Port Stephens.
    • Worimi beach horse riding tours Experience the pristine coastline of Worimi Conservation Lands on a guided tour with Sahara Trails Horse Riding.

    Dynamic dunes

    Worimi National Park. Photo: John Spencer

    Set your sights on the southern hemisphere's largest mobile coastal sand mass at Stockton Bight. The landscape's creation began well over 100,000 years ago, and believe it or not, these enormous dunes are 'alive' and forever changing. Stockton itself at 32km is the state's longest beach, and its dunes offer endless appeal. Their shape, slope and stability vary with the weather. This unpredictability, potential for damage to Aboriginal cultural sites, and possible impacts to plants and animals are important reasons why we ask you not to drive over the dunes.

    Plants and animals protected in this park


    • White-bellied sea eagle. Photo: John Turbill

      White-bellied sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

      White-bellied sea eagles can be easily identified by their white tail and dark grey wings. These raptors are often spotted cruising the coastal breezes throughout Australia, and make for some scenic bird watching. Powerful Australian birds of prey, they are known to mate for life, and return each year to the same nest to breed.


    • Old man banksia, Moreton National Park. Photo: John Yurasek

      Old man banksia (Banksia serrata)

      Hardy Australian native plants, old man banksias can be found along the coast, and in the dry sclerophyll forests and sandstone mountain ranges of NSW. With roughened bark and gnarled limbs, they produce a distinctive cylindrical yellow-green banksia flower which blossoms from summer to early autumn.

    • Smooth-barked apple. Photo: Jaime Plaza

      Smooth-barked apple (Angophora costata)

      Smooth-barked apple gums, also known as Sydney red gum or rusty gum trees, are Australian native plants found along the NSW coast, and in the Sydney basin and parts of Queensland. Growing to heights of 15-30m, the russet-coloured angophoras shed their bark in spring to reveal spectacular new salmon-coloured bark.

    Environments in this park

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