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Volunteer as a Discovery guide or Wilderquest Education guide at Sea Acres Rainforest Centre in Sea Acres National Park. Introduce visitors to this subtropical coastal rainforest near Port Macquarie.

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7 days per week, 364 days a year, with a minimum of one 3.5-hour rostered shift per week, 9am–12.30pm and 12.30pm–4pm.

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Ever considered volunteering to be a local tour guide? Rainforest Discovery guides at Sea Acres National Park personally introduce visitors to a rare subtropical coastal rainforest near Port Macquarie by guiding tours along Sea Acres Rainforest boardwalk. Explain rainforest ecology, identify birdcalls and answer the questions of your enthralled local, interstate and international visitors. Or become a Wilderquest Education volunteer. You'll present fun nature-based child-centred activities that meet NSW curriculum outcomes for 5 – 12 year olds.

New volunteers get plenty of training. You'll also buddy with an experienced guide before providing tours independently. Recruitment drives for guides are held every 2 years, but casual vacancies can crop up at any time. Wear neat casual trousers or shorts when you volunteer. Your shirt, name badge, first aid field kit, 2-way radio and insect repellant are all provided. Contact us if you want to be part of this rewarding volunteering activity.

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Getting there and parking

Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is located at the entry to Sea Acres National Park. To get there:

  • From Port Macquarie, head south along Pacific Drive.
  • Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is on the left just after Shelly Beach Road

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  • Sealed roads

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  • 2WD vehicles

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Parking is available at Sea Acres Rainforest Centre.

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Sea Acres Rainforest Centre volunteers is in Sea Acres National Park. Here are just some of the reasons why this park is special:

Ancient connections

Rocky coastline with a distant lighthouse, Sea Acres  National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary

Sea Acres National Park is the traditional country of the Birpai People. The park's landscape has provided a rich source of food, medicines and shelter for thousands of years. Evidence of Aboriginal inhabitants has been found in Sea Acres National Park, and it's likely that the Birpai used the area for fishing, hunting and gathering.

  • Bush tucker in Sea Acres National Park Discover bushtucker secrets with our Aboriginal guide on this Stage 2 (Years 3-4) Geography excursion in Sea Acres National Park. An easy stroll along a boardwalk will reveal this area’s naturally occurring ‘supermarket’, and ‘hardware store’.
  • Sea Acres Aboriginal coastal tour Take a walk to Shelly Beach in Sea Acres National Park on this Aboriginal ranger-guided activity. Discover bush tucker and medicine in the rainforest as you learn about Birpai culture.
  • Sea Acres Aboriginal culture tour Join this ranger-guided Aboriginal cultural tour along the rainforest boardwalk in Sea Acres National Park. You’ll go on a unique journey of discovery and learning.

Find out more about this special place

Rainforest boardwalk, Sea Acres National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary

If you are looking for an educational experience within Sea Acres National Park then take some time out to have a look at The Spirit of the Land exhibition. This multimedia exhibition takes you on a virtual tour of Birpai Country and introduces you to key Birpai stories.

  • Port Macquarie coastal walk You'll pass historic sites, stunning coastal scenery, beaches, and rainforest along the Port Macquarie coastal walk. It can be enjoyed as a full day walk or broken up into several short walks.
  • Sea Acres Rainforest Centre Close to Port Macquarie, Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is the gateway to your rainforest experience. Friendly staff provide information and there is a café where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch.

Midnight feast

Brush tail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula), Sea Acres National Park. Photo: Ken Stepnell/OEH

In the evening, when all the visitors have left, the rainforest of Sea Acres comes alive as bats, possums and bush rats start their day. Rats forage for food in the forest undergrowth, possums hang from trees to munch on berries and leaves, and flying foxes swoop from one tree to another. The park is also the occasional home to koalas which feed on the eucalypts along the western boundary. The park is an important habitat for koalas in the Port Macquarie area as it is one of the largest naturally-vegetated areas remaining and contains some of their favourite food.

  • Sea Acres Aboriginal coastal tour Take a walk to Shelly Beach in Sea Acres National Park on this Aboriginal ranger-guided activity. Discover bush tucker and medicine in the rainforest as you learn about Birpai culture.
  • Sea Acres rainforest boardwalk tour If you’re near Port Macquarie, come along to this unique ranger-guided tour in Sea Acres National Park. You’ll enjoy a walk under the lush canopy of this rare and spectacular coastal rainforest.
  • Sensing the rainforest Join us and explore the rainforest in this Stage 2 (Years 3-4) Geography excursion at Sea Acres National Park. Students will experience the wonders of this coastal environment through sensory activities.

Worlds away

Rocky coastine in Sea Acres National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary

When you venture out on the boardwalk, immersed in the still beauty of the rainforest, you’ll really believe you've travelled back in time. And you're right. The environment here has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Engage your senses and let the rainforest and its residents take you away to another place. The rainforest is a haven for myriad birds, so look out for the colourful wompoo fruit dove and rose crowned fruit dove and listen for the distinctive yowl of the green catbird. You're bound to see a brush turkey or two foraging on the forest floor.

  • Sea Acres Rainforest boardwalk The Sea Acres Rainforest boardwalk is an easy 1.3km walk through the rainforest canopy. You’ll see rainforest birds and animals. It's a great walk for all ages.

Plants and animals protected in this park


  • Koala. Photo: Lucy Morrell

    Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)

    One of the most renowned Australian animals, the tree-dwelling marsupial koala can be found in gum tree forests and woodlands across eastern NSW, Victoria and Queensland, as well as in isolated regions in South Australia. With a vice-like grip, this perhaps most iconic but endangered Australian animal lives in tall eucalypts within a home range of several hectares.

  • White-bellied sea eagle. Photo: John Turbill

    White-bellied sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

    White-bellied sea eagles can be easily identified by their white tail and dark grey wings. These raptors are often spotted cruising the coastal breezes throughout Australia, and make for some scenic bird watching. Powerful Australian birds of prey, they are known to mate for life, and return each year to the same nest to breed.

  • Australian brush turkey, Dorrigo National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary

    Australian brush turkey (Alectura lathami)

    The Australian brush turkey, also known as bush or scrub turkey, can be found in rainforests along eastern NSW. With a striking red head, blue-black plumage and booming call, these distinctive Australian birds are easy to spot while bird watching in several NSW national parks.

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