Grass Tree walking track

Coolah Tops National Park

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Grass Tree walking track is a great way to explore a magical landscape of ancient grass trees in Coolah Tops National Park. A must-do for visitors, this easy walk starts at The Barracks campground.

No wheelchair access
1.4km loop
Time suggested
Grade 3
What to
Drinking water
Please note

When you visit or stay in Coolah Tops National Park please come fully equipped with food, water and shelter. There’s no drinking water available in the park and facilities are limited.

Day trippers can easily combine this 1.4km loop walk with visits to Bundella and Pinnacle lookouts. You can complete Grass Tree walking track in just 30 minutes but you may want to take longer to fully appreciate the outlandish beauty of these plants.

Setting out from The Barracks campground through a forest of snow gums, you’ll soon find yourself dwarfed by giant grass trees, hundreds of years old. It’s hard not to marvel at the hardiness and longevity of these iconic Australian plants, with their quirky and twisting shapes.

Grass Tree walking track is also a great place to see rosellas and lorikeets feasting on nectar from the flower spikes of their favourite grass trees. Be warned though, the noise of these birds can be deafening at times.

Cool days during autumn and spring are the most comfortable time of year to come. If you’re visiting Coolah Tops National Park in summer, you can find some relief from the heat by heading to higher elevations.

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  • in Coolah Tops National Park in the Country NSW region
  • Coolah Tops National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather, fire danger or management operations. The eastern end of the park is regularly closed during wet weather due to slippery road conditions.

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Visitor info

All the practical information you need to know about Grass Tree walking track.

Track grading

Features of this track


1.4km loop



Quality of markings

Sign posted

Experience required

No experience required


Gentle hills


Occasional steps

Quality of path

Formed track, some obstacles

Getting there and parking

Grass Tree walking track is in the western part of Coolah Tops National Park. 

To get there from Coolah:

  • Drive east on sealed Coolah Creek Road for almost 19km.
  • Turn right onto unsealed State Forest Road and drive almost 11km to the park entrance.
  • Continue straight onto The Forest Road and drive for about 3.5km.
  • Turn left turn onto The Pinnacle Road and drive for 1km.
  • Turn right into the Barracks campground and park there.

The walking track starts at The Barracks campground.

Road quality

  • Unsealed roads

Vehicle access

  • 2WD vehicles

Weather restrictions

  • All weather


Parking is available at The Barracks campground.


There are no bins so you’ll need to take all rubbish away with you.


Maps and downloads

Safety messages

Bushwalking safety

Fire safety

Mobile safety

Coolah Top National Park has limited mobile reception. You may get reception at Bundabella lookout.


Disability access level - no wheelchair access



Camping is not permitted on Grass tree walking track.




Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dog walking and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

Learn more

Grass Tree walking track is in Coolah Tops National Park. Here are just some of the reasons why this park is special:

Get active in the bush

Brackens Cottage in Coolah Tops National Park. Photo: Nick Cubbin

Pack your hiking boots and your mountain bike and be ready to get active in the bush at Coolah Tops. There are plenty of great walking tracks and trails to experience the bush on your bike. Make your way to lookouts like Shepherd's Peak or Breeza lookout for spectacular views to the north over the Liverpool Plains and the sheer escarpment. You'll also find several waterfalls along the escarpment where the creeks plunge over the plateau edge.

Wildlife haven

Eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) on top of Bundella lookout, Coolah Tops National Park. Photo: Barry Collier

Looking out across the beautiful landscape of Coolah Tops National Park, it's obvious why you'll find so much wildlife here. Wander quietly along one of the walking tracks and you'll probably have a close encounter with red-necked wallabies and eastern grey kangaroos. You might also find a wombat waddling through the campground. Coolah Tops has some of the highest population densities of greater gliders in Australia. At night, keep your torch handy to see greater gliders, ring-tailed possums and possibly feather-tailed gliders or a sugar glider in the nearby trees.

  • Grass Tree walking track Grass Tree walking track is a great way to explore a magical landscape of ancient grass trees in Coolah Tops National Park. A must-do for visitors, this easy walk starts at The Barracks campground.
  • Shepherds Peak walking track For experienced bushwalkers, Shepherds Peak walking track in Coolah Tops National Park is a great way to explore sub-alpine forest. Come prepared for a steep scramble up the peak’s volcanic dome.
  • Snow Gum walking track Snow Gum walking track in Coolah Tops National Park is an easy way to experience some of the largest known snow gum trees in a beautiful old-growth forest setting, near Coolah.

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