Byrrill Creek walking track

Mebbin National Park

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Byrrill Creek walking track is a soothing hike in Mebbin National Park that takes you through sub-tropical rainforest and past large ancient fig trees, ideal for birdwatching.

Mebbin National Park
1km return
Time suggested
30 - 45min
Grade 4
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Entry fees
Park entry fees apply
What to
Drinking water, hat, sunscreen, suitable clothing
Please note
  • Please supervise children at all times
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch

This short walk starts at Cutters Camp campground’s picnic area and passes through sub-tropical rainforest with an impressive stand of giant, ancient fig trees, all the way down to the peaceful and scenic Byrrill Creek.

Along the way, you’ll walk through three very different forest types, with a real change between each one. As you pass under the rainforest with its large fig trees, rainforest canopy, bangalow palms, and eucalypts, listen to the water gently trickling in the creek and the sounds of the diverse birds and insects that make their home here.

The walk is especially lovely and colourful in spring when the breeding plumage of many birds change colour and the walk is thick with the scent of the nectar from flowering trees and shrubs.

All year round, you can spot lace monitors and brush turkeys on the tracks. In spring and summer, keep an eye out for wrens at the creek’s edge and possibly even eastern yellow robins, pademelons, noisy pitas, logrunners, a variety of honeyeaters, doves, pigeons, and skinks.

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Track grading

Grade 4

Learn more about the grading system Features of this track
  • Time

    30 - 45min

  • Quality of markings

    Limited signage

  • Gradient

    Short steep hills

  • Distance

    1km return

  • Steps

    Many steps

  • Quality of path

    Rough track, many obstacles

  • Experience required

    No experience required

Getting there and parking

Byrrill Creek walking track is in the Cutters Camp campground precinct of Mebbin National Park. To get there from the campground:

  • Walk into the south-east section of the Cutters Camp precinct (identifiable by open-sided shelter shed).
  • Locate the track entrance sign on the eastern fringe of the maintained area and proceed safely along the walking track
  • Return to the campground via the same walking track


Parking is available nearby at the campground. Please note park user fees apply.

Best times to visit

There are lots of great things waiting for you in Mebbin National Park. Here are some of the highlights.


Early spring is typically the driest time of year and sunny weather prevails, so this is a great time for visiting the park and enjoying active adventures, such as mountain biking, walking and horse riding along the trails.


The park is still very pleasant on even the hottest summer days, particularly when enjoyed from a shady spot. Cool off in Byrrill Creek and enjoy a picnic under the eucalypt trees.

Weather, temperature and rainfall

Summer temperature


22°C and 32°C

Highest recorded


Winter temperature


8°C and 22°C

Lowest recorded



Wettest month


Driest month


The area’s highest recorded rainfall in one day


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Safety messages

  • This park is in a remote location, so please ensure you’re well-prepared, bring appropriate clothing and equipment and advise a family member or friend of your travel plans.
  • The weather in this area can be extreme and unpredictable. Byrrill Creek and other waterways within Mebbin National Park are subject to quick and flash flooding.

Bushwalking safety

If you're keen to head out on a longer walk or a backpack camp, always be prepared. Read these bushwalking safety tips before you set off on a walking adventure in national parks.

  • If you’re bushwalking in this park, it’s a good idea to bring a topographic map and compass, or a GPS.
  • The walking opportunities in this park are suitable for experienced bushwalkers who are comfortable undertaking self-reliant hiking

Mobile safety

Dial Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Download the Emergency Plus app before you visit, it helps emergency services locate you using your smartphone's GPS. Please note there is limited mobile phone reception in this park and you’ll need mobile reception to call Triple Zero (000).

River and lake safety

The aquatic environment around rivers, lakes and lagoons can be unpredictable. If you're visiting these areas, take note of these river and lake safety tips.


Gathering firewood

  • Firewood may not be collected from the park, so you'll need to bring your own


Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dogs and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


NSW national parks are no smoking areas.

Learn more

Byrrill Creek walking track is in Mebbin National Park. Here are just some of the reasons why this park is special:

A significant World Heritage site

Byrrill Creek walking track, Mebbin National Park. Photo: D Hofmeyer

The park provides an important linkage between the World Heritage-listed Border Ranges and Wollumbin National Park. As such, it protects an important conservation area and a particularly beautiful part of the Tweed landscape.

A unique volcanic landscape

Byrrill Creek walking track, Mebbin National Park. Photo:  D Hofmeyer

The park is a special part of the unique Tweed Caldera volcanic landscape, which encompasses some of the eroded remains of Mount Warning Shield Volcano. The mixture of volcanic soils and high rainfall has resulted in a rich variety of vegetation.

Forestry history and heritage

Byrrill Creek walking track, Mebbin National Park. Photo: D Hofmeyer

Historically, the area has been closely associated with the forestry industry and this is reflected by the presence of an old forestry residence, which has now been converted to a galley for campers at Cutters Camp campground. Within the park, you'll also see former plantations of native and non-native timbers.

Rare and threatened species

Byrrill Creek walking track, Mebbin National Park. Photo: D Hofmeyer

Mebbin National Park is home to many threatened species of animals and plants. Threatened plant species include green-leaved rose walnut, onion cedar, and brush sophora. Animals you should keep a close eye out for include the golden-eyed barred frog, Stephen's banded snake, powerful owl, yellow-bellied glider, king parrots and red-winged black cockatoos.

  • Byrrill Creek walking track Byrrill Creek walking track is a soothing hike in Mebbin National Park that takes you through sub-tropical rainforest and past large ancient fig trees, ideal for birdwatching.

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