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Mara Creek picnic area

Yuraygir National Park


Mara Creek picnic area, in Yuraygir National Park, is a peaceful picnic spot to go birdwatching and enjoy the wildflowers. It’s also the trailhead for Angourie walking track.

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Yuraygir National Park
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Mara Creek picnic area is surrounded by natural coastal heath. This is home to a large variety of birds that are particularly active during spring and summer when wildflowers, such as white flannel, Christmas bells and orange and red heath peas, are in bloom. So sit back and enjoy your picnic spread with the binoculars close. Reptiles such as bearded dragons and goannas are also known to wander through the area, so keep an eye out for those too.

Mara Creek picnic area is located in a secluded section of the park, just inland from the coast. Even when the beach crowds flock to the area over summer holidays, this area remains a quiet section of Yuraygir.

Mara Creek picnic area is also the starting point for Angourie walking track, which takes you along the coast to Shelley Headland. Interpretive signs on this walking track offer more information about the area’s natural and cultural heritage. Enjoy a picnic before or after your hike.

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Google Trekker, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: John Spencer

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Mountain pygmy possum (Burramys parvus). Photo: Cate Aitken

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Mara Creek picnic area, Yuraygir National Park. Photo: Rob Cleary