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Mount Coryah walking track

Important information

Alerts for Mount Kaputar National Park: closed areas, fire bans


Updated: 21/03/2015 06:00 AM

“Exploring the summit and absorbing the clear air in tranquillity gave me a real feeling of getting away from it all.”

Mount Coryah walking track begins at Coryah Gap carpark and climbs steeply up the stepped ridge. The terraces were formed by a series of lava flows, each new one covering the terraces beneath it.

At the base of the cliffs follow the track around to the left. The track climbs to the top terrace, evidence of the most recent eruption, and then circles around the summit of Mount Coryah in an anti-clockwise direction, providing views to the south, east and north.

From the lookout the return track passes under the northern base of the summit through an impressive stand of grass trees. It then loops back to the track junction at the base of the cliffs. The loop track is very narrow, it follows the cliff edge and can be slippery when wet. If you wish to avoid the cliff edge or it has recently rained you may wish to miss the loop and return the way you came from the lookout.


Getting there

Getting there:

Mount Coryah walking track is in the Kaputar Plateau precinct of Mount Kaputar National Park. To get there from Narrabri:

  • Take Old Gunnedah Road south
  • After about 2.5km, turn left onto Kaputar Road.
  • Follow Kaputar Road for 27km to the entrance of Mount Kaputar National Park. The road from the park entrance is a steep, single lane road and caravans are not permitted.
  • You’ll find the Coryah Gap carpark about 13km along on the right

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Vehicle access:

Unsealed road/trail - 2WD (no long vehicle access) - All weather


Parking is available at Coryah Gap, where the track begins.

Important info


2km (one-way)

Time suggested:

1.5 hours each way



You should know:

  • It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out and remember to take a hat
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to go birdwatching
  • The weather in this area can be extreme and unpredictable, so please ensure you’re well prepared for your visit.
  • Drinking water is limited or not available in this area, so it’s a good idea to bring your own.
  • There is limited mobile reception in this park
  • This walk involves a steep uphill climb with many steps, so it’s important to have a good level of fitness and sturdy walking shoes.

Opening hours:

Mount Coryah walking track is always open, but may need to close at times during snow/ice events.

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- Alerts

Mount Kaputar National Park

closed areas

Bark Hut (Ends Thursday 2 April)

Some areas of this park are closed between 21/03/2015 and 02/04/2015 due to essential maintenance on the campground / picnic area facilities, unless the closure is otherwise extended or removed. Closed areas are:

  • Bark Hut picnic area and campground
  • Euglah Rock walking track and lookout
Camping and picnic facilities are available at Dawsons Campground, Mount Kaputar National Park during this period. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact NPWS Narrabri area office on (02) 6792 7300 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.
Locations affected: Bark Hut picnic area and campground, Euglah Rock walking track

fire bans

A park fire ban applies in the park. (Ends Tuesday 31 March. Future bans will also apply.)
A park fire ban is in place in this park . The park fire ban remains in effect until 6:00pm 31 March 2015. During park fire ban periods, all campfire and solid fuel (wood, heat beads, charcoal, briquettes, hexamite) barbecues and stoves are prohibited. Park fire bans are in place in all reserves across the Northern Plains Region in north-west NSW. Gas and electric barbecues and cookers are permitted as long as:

  • They're under direct control of an adult
  • The ground within 2m of the barbecue is cleared of all flammable materials
  • There's an adequate supply of water (minimum of a bucket).
Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information about fire bans in parks and reserves please contact the Narrabri area office on (02) 6792 7300, Baradine area office on (02) 6843 4000 or Warrumbungle Visitor Centre on (02) 6825 4364, or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Mount Coryah walking track, Mount Kaputar National Park. Photo: Ian Smith