Billys Hole picnic area

Warrabah National Park

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Billys Hole picnic area is in Warrabah National Park, near Gum Hole campground. It’s a great spot for bushwalking, birdwatching, fishing, and canoeing on the Namoi River, near Manilla, north of Tamworth.

Billys Hole picnic area is located 4km beyond Warrabah campground, and around 250m beyond Gum Hole campground, on Billys Hole trail.

You’ll need to park at the end of Billys Hole trail and walk 200m to the picnic area, which sits on the banks of the Namoi River.

Avoid using Google Maps directions from Manilla, as these take you on unsafe, unmarked roads through private property. To reach the picnic area, head towards Barraba and take Barraba Street then Namoi River Road and follow the signs to Warrabah National Park.


  • Grassy clearing surrounded by trees with a picnic table and wood barbecue at Gum Hole campground and picnic area in Warrabah National Park. Photo: Peter Berney © DPIE

    Gum Hole campground and picnic area

    Gum Hole campground and picnic area is a great place to explore Warrabah National Park and go bushwalking, birdwatching, fishing, swimming or canoeing on the river.

  • Covered barbecue area amongst the trees, overlooking the river, Warrabah National Park. Photo: Joshua Smith © DPE

    Warrabah campground and picnic area

    Enjoy vehicle-based camping in your 4WD beside Namoi River at Warrabah campground and picnic area, where you can bushwalk, fish, swim, and go canoeing.

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Billys Hole picnic area is in Warrabah National Park. Here are just some of the reasons why this park is special:

A river runs through it

River winding thought the rocks, Warrabah National Park. Photo: David Young

The soothing atmosphere and scenery created by the impressive Namoi River is surpassed by few national parks and must be seen to be fully appreciated. Huge granite boulders tower above the valley's deep, tranquil pools, while the rushing rapids are a highly enjoyable challenge for experienced canoeists.

Amazing animals

River and mountains, Warrabah National Park. Photo: David Young

The park is home to plenty of interesting animals, which you'll encounter throughout your visit. You might spot eastern grey kangaroos, common wallaroos and red-necked wallabies in the fields and forests at dawn and dusk. Platypus can be seen on rare occasions splashing along the river in waterholes during the late afternoon too. At night, common brushtail possums and sugar gliders can be caught foraging in the Kurrajong trees. Common reptiles here include lace monitors, southern spotted velvet geckos and red-bellied black snakes. Namoi River even provides habitat for the vulnerable Bell's turtle, which is found only within the Namoi/Gwydir catchment. Be sure to bring your binoculars if you enjoy bird watching because over 120 species of birds have been sighted here, from robins, rosellas and cockatoos to wedge-tailed eagles and wrens, just to name a few.

Gone fishing

View from the cabin, Warrabah National Park. Photo: David Young

Keen fishers will be delighted at the freshwater fish species that can be caught here, including the delicious Murray cod and freshwater catfish, as well as several smaller species, such as the western carp gudgeon.

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