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Macquarie Pass National Park


Wander among the rainforest and towering eucalypts, experience scenic views, enjoy picnicking and bushwalking along the Illawarra escarpment, near Wollongong and Kiama.

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One of the joys of New South Wales’ national parks is that you can often find yourself in a place that feels completely wild. Macquarie Pass National Park, on the Illawarra escarpment, is an easy day trip from the southern suburbs of Sydney.

The park’s steep sandstone ridges and gullies provide diverse habitats for local wildlife. Amid heathland, rainforest and tall moist eucalypt forest live lyrebirds, satin bowerbirds, koalas, possums, wombats, swamp wallabies, goannas and platypus. The park is also an important habitat for threatened tiger quolls and long-nosed potoroos.

With terrific bushwalking and birdwatching opportunities, wonderful waterfalls, views to the ocean and the blazing crimson of Illawarra flame trees, Macquarie Pass National Park is well worth a visit if you’re looking for things to do on the south coast.

Highlights in this park

  • Cascades Picnic Area, Macquarie Pass National Park. Photo: T. Moody/NSW Government

    Cascades picnic area

    Take a break from your road trip or relax after Cascades walk at this sunny picnic area amid the cool rainforest, near Wollongong on the south coast o...

  • Cascades Track, Macquarie Pass National Park. Photo: T. Moody/NSW Government

    Cascades walk

    For an easy walk through shady rainforest, take Cascades walk to a beautiful waterfall and pool near Kiama and Robertson.

  • Clover Hill Trail, Macquarie Pass National Park. Photo: T. Moody/NSW Government

    Clover Hill trail

    For escarpment views, rainforest, waterfalls, birdwatching and cool creeks, take the Clover Hill trail at Macquarie Pass near Wollongong and Kiama.

  • WilderQuest activity at Blue Gum Hills Regional Park. Photo: Shani Milgate/OEH

    WilderQuest Bug detectives: Macquarie Pass

    These school holidays, find out how bugs stay alive in the bush on this great WilderQuest adventure.


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Edward River canoe and kayak trail, Murray Valley National Park. Photo: David Finnegan.

Conservation program:

Saving our Species conservation program

Saving our Species is a innovative conservation program in NSW. It aims to halt and reverse the growing numbers of Australian animals and plants facing extinction. This program aims to secure as many threatened species that can be secured in the wild as possible, for the next 100 years. 

Mountain pygmy possum (Burramys parvus). Photo: Cate Aitken


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Clover Hill Trail, Macquarie Pass National Park. Photo: T. Moody/NSW Government