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Cascades trail

“I’ve walked and ridden my horse along this beautiful track and it takes my breath away every time, especially when the wildflowers are in bloom in the undergrowth.”

Revive your senses along Cascades trail, a beautiful medium-difficulty fire trail shared by walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers in picturesque Garigal National Park.

Whether you start your walk or ride at St Ives or Davidson, you’ll see native Australian trees such as Sydney red gums, Red Bloodwoods and Scribbly Gums. As you wind your way down to the creek, larger trees soon make way for species of banksia, dwarf apple and the narrow-leafed apple, while wattles, pea, boronia and wax flowers pepper the undergrowth.

The trail gets its name from a series of beautiful little waterfalls, rock platforms and rockpools at the junction of Middle Harbour creek and French’s creek, a lovely spot to pause and enjoy a picnic before your return walk or ride. Staying on Cascades trail, you’ll leave the valley travelling up the sometimes steep trail to exit onto Stone Parade.

If you want to extend your walk or ride to a day loop, Cascades trail also links to the Lower Cambourne and Heath and Bare Creek trails.


Getting there

Getting there:

Cascades trail is accessed via Douglas Street, St Ives near Acron Oval. To get there:

  • Exit Mona Vale Road onto Douglas Street, St Ives
  • Follow Douglas Street until you reach Gwyn Close. The walk starts at the oval

Cascades trail can also be accessed via Stone Parade, Davidson. To get there:

  • Take Forest Way north from Frenchs Forest and turn left onto Adams Street
  • Continue onto Blackbutts Road, then turn right into Kambora Avenue
  • Turn right into Borgnis Street and take the immediate left into Stone Parade
  • The track starts about 100m before Barney Place

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Vehicle access:

Sealed road - 2WD vehicles - All weather


Parking is available on Douglas Street and Stone Parade, a short walk from the Cascades trail.

Important info


3.2km (one-way)

Time suggested:

1 hour each way


Medium difficulty

You should know:

  • It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out and remember to take a hat and plenty of drinking water
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch

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Lizard. Photo: Shaun Sursok