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Jenolan Caves guided tours

Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve


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Book in for a tour of Jenolan Caves, in the Oberon area. Whether you're staying at the caves or visiting from the Blue Mountains or Sydney, it's worth the trip to see the world's oldest cave system.

Tours run daily. Each tour and package starts and ends at different times. Visit the Jenolan Caves website for further information.
Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve
Medium. An average level of fitness and mobility is required, and some tours have minimum age restrictions. Each cave tour involves many steps, and each tour is a different length.
Each tour or package has a different price. Visit the Jenolan Caves website for details.
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Jenolan Caves House
Book online, or call Jenolan Caves on 02 6359 3911 or 1300 763 311 for further information.
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Currently, because of limited spaces on all Jenolan tours, many are available only if packaged with hospitality, especially on weekends. Packages include accommodation or meals, such as the Decadent High Tea, Chisolm’s Dinner or Chisolm’s Weekend Lunch.

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The following Jenolan caves are now open for guided tours in Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve:

  • Lucas Cave - this has massive formations and Jenolan’s highest and widest chambers, including the awesome Cathedral Chamber
  • Chifley Cave - discover its unusual history and wide variety of chambers and formations, including delicate straws and exquisite spar crystal
  • Imperial Cave - this cave runs along an ancient riverbed, making it mostly level for less mobile visitors. This cave tour includes an optional visit to the underground river.
  • Orient Cave - reputedly one of the world’s most beautiful caves, this cave is thickly hung with calcite crystal formations
  • Temple of Baal Cave - its 2 chambers are awesome, with astonishing formations such as the 9m-high ‘Angel’s Wing’ cave shawl.

A visit to Jenolan Caves is an unforgettable experience. And even though many stairs are involved, most visitors can enjoy a guided cave tour. Wear comfortable, non-slip walking shoes, and bring a warm jacket. It's cool in the caves, all year round.

For directions, safety and practical information, see visitor info